Turkish Pronunciation of Surah Quraysh – Meaning


Surah Quraysh was revealed during the Meccan period and has 4 verses. This surah is named after Hz. It is derived from the tribe to which the Prophet (saas) belonged.

Surah Quraysh is 106th in the Qur’an, and it is the twenty-ninth in the order of descent. In the chapter, the financial privileges given to the Quraysh tribe in the time of ignorance, security, stability, and wealth are mentioned, and attention is drawn to the importance of being grateful for the blessings and being a servant of Allah.

Arabic Recitation of Surah Quraysh

Turkish Written and Pronunciation of Surah Quraysh

Bismillahirrahmânirrahîm. 1- Li’îlâfi Qurayş, 2- İlâfihim rıhleeşşitâi vessayf, 3- Felya’büdû rabbe hazel beyt, 4- Ellezî et’amehum mincu’in ve âmenehum min havf.

Surah Quraysh Turkish Meaning

Meaning: In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Merciful. Let them serve (worship) the Lord of this house (Kaaba) because he provided the safety (safety) of the Quraysh and brought them closer (warming) during their summer and winter journeys (campaigns). He (Allah) is the One Who nourished them so that they would not starve and made them safe from all kinds of fear (danger).


The Virtues of Surah Quraysh

Hz. Our Prophet (saas) said in a hadith regarding the chapter of Quraysh: “Allah (cc) has made the Quraysh tribe superior in 7 specialties? I am from them, they have the prophethood, they have the gate of Mecca, they have the water distribution works of Mecca, Allah (swt) gave them victory against the elephant army, they always worshiped Allah, Allah (swt) has mentioned about them in the Qur’an He revealed a surah.” (Ibn Kathir)

Imam Rabbani (ra) said: “In order to be safe and peaceful in a fearful place and in the face of the enemy, one should read Surah Quraysh 11 times every day and every night.”

It is recommended to be read 7 times a day to have a clean and good morality, to be protected from calamities and troubles, and to have abundance (wealth).

If it is read while sitting at the table, if it is read and blown on the table, food, drinks or something, its abundance will increase.

Those who read 21 times a day will not starve, they will be sure of fears and misfortunes. It is said that those who read this surah a lot will get rid of poverty.

It is read seven times to be rich, to have good morals and to have good morals, to be sure of calamities and wealth.

Anyone who has kidney disease and wants to find healing should continue to read this surah.

Those who are pessimistic and forgetful, if they write it in a mixture of rose water and drink it by pouring it into rain water, I hope their problems will be healed.

Whoever recites this sura Binker after performing the night prayer on Friday night and goes to bed with wudu will see the Messenger of Allah (saas) in his dream.

If we do not know Surah Quraysh by heart, we should memorize it. let’s not forget Koran It is a medicine both materially and spiritually, it is kevser I bless us.

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