Turkish Pronunciation of Surah Kafirun – Meaning


Surah Kafirun was revealed during the Meccan period and has 6 verses. Kafirun literally means deniers. In this surah, Hz. It is expressly stated that our Prophet (saas) cannot meet those who disbelieve, those who are polytheists and perverts, and it is stated that faith is far from polytheism.

Surah Kafirun is the 109th in the Qur’an and the 18th in the order of descent. According to the commentaries, the tribe of Quraysh Hz. They said to our Prophet (saas) that they demanded that their gods be worshiped for one year and that they should worship his god for another year.

Hz. Our Prophet (saas) said to them, “I still seek refuge in Him from associating something with Allah!” said. Hearing this, the Qurayshis said, “Then kiss and touch some of our gods, and we will approve of you and worship your god.”

After these mutual conversations, this surah was revealed.

Arabic Recitation of Surah Kafirun

Surah Kafirun in Arabic
Surah Kafirun

Turkish Writing and Pronunciation of Surah Kafirun

Bismillahirrahmânirrahîm. 1- Gul yâ eyyühelkâfirun 2- La a’büdü mata’büdûn 3- Ve lâentum âbidûne maa’büd 4- Ve lâ ene âbidün maabedtum 5- Velâ entum âbidûne maa’büd 6- Leküm dinüküm veliyedîn

The Turkish Translation of This Surah

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Merciful.

1- Say: O disbelievers. 2- I do not worship what you worship. 3- You are not going to worship what I worship. 4- Nor will I worship what you worship. 5- You are not going to worship what I worship. 6- Your religion is for you, my religion is for me.

The Virtues of Surah Kafirun

Those who comment on the merits of this surah, our Prophet (saas) said, “The chapter of ikhlas corresponds to one-third of the Qur’an. The chapter of Kafirun is equivalent to one-fourth of it”.

One of the Companions said, “When you go to bed to sleep, read the chapter of kafirun; If you read this, you will be protected from deviating from polytheism.” (Ibn Kathir)

In a narration attributed to Imam-i Rabbani, “Read the four servants a lot in times of trouble for protection (protection) from all kinds of evil (troubles).” (Four servants mean Kulya (Kafirun suersi), Kulhuvallahu (Ihlas Surah), Gul (Felak and Nas suras.)

Likewise this four The sustenance of the one who reads the surah (Kafirun, Ikhlas, Felak and Nas suras) together will increase and his condition will improve.

Cebele b. It is narrated from Harise that Hz. Our Master the Prophet said: “After reading the chapter of Kafirun (Surah Gulya), go to sleep! By reading this surah, you will be free from polytheism.”

If a person recites this surah while sleeping and dies that night, he will meet his Lord on tawhid.

These suras memorization Let’s memorize if there is an intention. What we do not memorize, and this memorization will also benefit us in the Hereafter. Soundly..

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