Turkish Disaster Prayer for Protection from Natural Disasters


Natural events that harm people such as earthquakes, floods, avalanches, tornadoes, droughts and fires are called natural disasters. For such disasters in the Qur’an evil term is used. The prayer we make to be protected from these calamities is the prayer of disaster.

Although it is not possible to prevent natural disasters, it may be possible to minimize the damage by taking precautions. Our Almighty Lord reminds us by command. ‘Take your action’ says. Yes, if the measure is material, the spiritual aspect is disaster prayer and other prayers.

Our Prophet (saas) also says: “There is no act as wise as taking action. Cover your food and water containers at night. Put out the fire before you sleep, don’t leave the fire burning.”

In addition, our Prophet (saas) advises us to give alms to protect ourselves from troubles and calamities.

Natural Disaster Prayer

prayer for corona virus

Turkish Pronunciation ”Bismillahi ellezi la yedurru maasmihi sey un fi’l-ardı ve la fi’s-semai ve huve’s-semiu’l-âlim.”

Turkish Meaning: “I take refuge in the name of Allah, that nothing in the earth or in the sky can harm those who take shelter in His name. He is the hearer (the groan of the beggar) and the knower of (the state of).” It is necessary to read this prayer 3 times in the morning and in the evening.

Turkish Pronunciation : “Allahummahfazni min bey yedeyye ve min halfi ve an oath ve an şimali ve min fevki ve euzü bi azametike en ugtale min tahti.”

Turkish meaning :“O Allah, protect me from the evil that will come before me, behind me, on my right, on my left, and above me. I seek refuge in Your majesty from an evil coming from under me (from falling into it).”

Turkish Pronunciation : “Hasbiyallahu la ilahe illa huve’aleyhi tawakkeltu ve huve Rabbul-‘Arsil-‘Azim.

Turkish Meaning : “Allah is enough for me, there is no god but Him, but in Him I trust and He is the Lord of the great Throne.”

Prayers of Our Prophet Against Natural Disasters

Turkish Pronunciation “Allahümmağfezni min brain yedeyye ve min halfi ve an oath ve an şimali ve min fevkî ve eûzü biazametike en uğtale tahtî.”

Turkish Meaning: My God! Protect me from all calamities that can come from before me, behind me, on my right, on my left, from the sky and from the earth.

In the narration of Ibn Abbas (ra), he came to the presence of our Prophet (saas) and said, “O Messenger of Allah, I do not get rid of trouble. I am afraid of disasters and calamities.” he complains.

Our Prophet (saas) said to pray like this in the morning; pronunciation: “Bismillahi ala nafsi and people and malice.” It means: ”In the name of Allah, I entrust myself, my family and my property to Allah. I leave it to his supreme patronage.”

If you pray like this, Allah (cc) will protect you, your family and your property from all disasters, troubles and calamities. You will be safe and sound.

Abu’d-Derda (ra) narrated from our Prophet (saas) “Allâhumma ente Rabbî la ilahe illâ ente aleyke tawakkeltu ve ente Rabbul-archil-azimi la hawle ve la powere illâ billahil aliyyil azimi mashaallahu kane ve ma ülem lem yekûn a’lemu ennallahe alâ kulli sey’in kadirun ve ennallahe kad ehâte bikulli seyin ilmen ve ahsa kulle sey’in adeden. Allâhumma inni eûzubike min sharri kulli nafs and min sharri kulli dabbatin ente ahizin binasiyetha inne Rabbi ala siratin independent.”

Turkish Pronunciation: “My God! You are my Lord. There is no god but You, I trusted you, You are the owner of that enormous throne. There is no one to take refuge but the Almighty and the Mighty Allah. Whatever Allah wills happens, every power and power is in His hands.

He knows everything and the number of everything. my god! I seek refuge in You from every evil creature, animal and disaster. The administration of everything is in the power of seven. my god! Do not separate me from Your right and righteous path.”

Whether the disaster prayer written here and other prayers let’s read it with sincerity and sincerely trusting Allah. I am a gift to God.

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