Torment in the Grave and Salawat Sharif


My dear fellow brothers and sisters. My story today is about Hasan Basri and a woman who lived in his time and tells the story ” Torment in the Grave and Salavat Sheriff” I hope you like it.

Torment in the Grave and Salawat Sharif

In the past, a woman from one of her subjects came to Hasan Basri’s presence at the time of His Holiness Hasan Basri and said:

Torment in the Grave and Salawat Sharif

The woman’s request from Hasan Basri

“O Imams! I had a young daughter. A few months ago my daughter passed away. But I can’t stand her longing. After my daughter died, I did not see her in my dreams. Teach me a prayer so that I may at least be comforted by seeing my daughter in my dreams.” said.

Hasan Basri taught the woman the necessary prayers and said, “I hope you see your daughter in your dreams.” he sent the woman.

Woman’s Prayer and Dream

The woman recited all the prayers taught to her. After begging God Almighty to show her daughter, she went to bed in tears and slept. The woman saw and saw her daughter in her sleep, but she regretted seeing her daughter and was sad. Because her daughter was being tormented so much that when she saw her, her liver was crushed. They had dressed his daughter in a robe of fire and she was severely tormented.

The woman excitedly woke up from her sleep and waited for the morning. In the morning, he went to the presence of Hasan Basri again and told what he saw in his dream. The woman asked Hasan Basri what she should do to save her daughter from this torment, and what kind of good deeds she would do would be forgiven for her sins.

The Dream of Hasan Basri

Hasan Basri gave some advice to the woman and sent her back to his home. But after a while, Hasan Basri himself had a dream.

In the dream of the Prophet, a young and extremely beautiful girl was sitting on a golden throne in one of the gardens of Paradise and she was shining like the sun around her. The young girl Hasan Basri said to His Holiness: “Do you recognize me?” asked.

Hasan Basri asked that he did not know the girl and which prophet’s daughter or wife she was.

The young girl said to Hasan Basri:

“You know the woman who comes to you and asks for your help to see me, and when she sees her in torment in her dream, she tells you the situation again and asks what she should do to forgive my sin, here I am her daughter. “said.

His Highness Hasan Basri:

“- That woman told me that her daughter, that is, you, was in torment. What happened that you escaped from that torment?” When asked, the girl said:

Torment in the Grave and Salawat Sharif

Girl’s Liberation

O His Highness Hasan Basri! One of Allah’s beloved servants passed by the cemetery where we were, and as he passed by, a Al-Fatiha fly Ikhlas sheriff three times with salawat He brought it and gave it to the souls of us grave people. After that, “Remove the torment from those who suffer in this graveyard!” A cry came, and he told me that the torment of the grave was removed from five hundred and fifty people with me and the blessings of Paradise were bestowed upon us.

His Holiness Hasan Basri told that beautiful dream to that woman and gave the good news that his daughter was saved from torment. salawat sheriff recommended to read….


Surah Fatiha Turkish Recitation

Bismillahi’r Rahmani’r Rahim.

  • Alhamdulillah Rabbi’l-alamîn.
  • Er-Rahmani’r-Rahim. Maliki yevmi’d-din.
  • Iyyâke na’budu ve iyyâke neste’în.
  • İhdine’s-sırâta’l-mustakim.
  • Sirâta’l-lezîne en’amte alaihim.
  • Ğayri’l-mağdûbi alaihim and le’ddâllîn.
  • (Amine)

Turkish Translation of Surah Fatiha

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Merciful.

  • All praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.
  • (He is Allah) is Rahman and Rahim.
  • He is the owner of the day of religion (reward and punishment).
  • (O Allah) We worship only You and seek help only from You.
  • Guide us to the straight path
  • Guide them to the path of those whom you have blessed (the ones you love), not the path of the wrathful and the astray ones.”
  • (Amen)

Surah Ikhlas

Surah Ihlas Turkish Recitation


  • Gul huvellâhuehad
  • Allahussamed
  • Lem yelid and lemyûled
  • Velem yekünlehu kukuven ehad.

Turkish Translation of Surah Ihlas

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Merciful.

  • Say: He is Allah alone.
  • Allah is samed (everything is in need of Him, and He is not in need of anyone).
  • He did not give birth and was not born.
  • And nothing can be His equal.

Salavat Serife

Salawat is read as Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad. When our Master the Prophet’s name is mentioned, we also pray to our Master the Prophet by saying ‘alaihis-salâm’ or ‘alaihis-salatu-waslam’ or sall-Allâhu ‘alaihi wa sallam. So in this way, St. Salawat is brought to the Prophet.

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