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Who is Zakat given to? We will deal with how to give zakat, which is one of the five pillars of Islam, to whom. It is an obligatory act of worship when a Muslim gives some of his property to those in need.

Alms of the five pillars of islam It is a financial worship. If we say to whom zakat is given, it becomes a virtuous worship by giving it to their poor relatives first. Because there is both the reward of zakat and the reward of the family.

Apart from this, zakat can be given to brothers and sisters, their children, nephews, aunts, uncles, children of aunts and uncles and other distant relatives, respectively. The key here is to start close.

To Whom Is Zakat Given?

Zakat should be given primarily to the poor in the place where they live. It is makruh to send it to the poor in other places. However, if the people in distant places to whom zakat will be sent are relatives, this situation disappears.

First of all, it is better to give it to relatives who are in debt. Because both the debt will be relieved and the womb will be restored.

According to our religion, zakat is not given to non-Muslims. Because zakat is the right of poor Muslims. One cannot give zakat to a rich man’s young child. Because this child is considered rich with his father’s property. However, zakat is due for the poor and orphan child of a rich woman. Because the father’s side of the child is valid. He is not considered rich with his mother’s wealth.

One can give zakat to a rich person’s poor father, poor elder son or daughter, or his poor wife. Because they are not considered rich by their wealth.

Zakat is not given to anyone who has a nisab amount of property other than his actual needs, as he will be considered rich. Because the better and wisest of zakat is to help the poor and meet his needs. It is to eliminate your troubles. Measures and fitra like zakat are not given to the rich. If these are given to the rich, it cannot be expected that the worship will be accepted because it will not find its place. Because these alms are in the nature of donations.

A person cannot give his zakat to his father, grandfather, mother, grandmother, son and grandchildren who are poor. Zakat is not given to his wife who is poor. Because the benefit of zakat to be given to them will partially belong to the person who gives zakat, it does not find a place of worship. It is like taking it out of one pocket and putting it in the other pocket. It is not permissible to give it because there is a common interest between them.

The Verse About Zakat

Groom can give zakat to his father-in-law and father-in-law to his son-in-law. In the 60th verse of the chapter of at-Tawba, it is stated to whom the zakat will be given. “Alms are given to the poor, the needy, those who work for zakat, and those whose hearts will be warmed to Islam, as a duty from Allah. It is spent for the sake of slaves, debtors, those who are in the way of Allah, those who are on the way.”

In other words, in the light of this verse, it is preferable to give zakat to associations and charity organizations that collect zakat and fitrah in a fund and give it to the determined people in the determined form. Zakat cannot be given to the construction of buildings such as mosques and bridges. Because giving it to the person is essential.

One of the most important purposes of zakat is primarily to support the poor and poor people in the society financially and to bring them a life standard worthy of human dignity over time.

While the Qur’an mentions the places where zakat will be spent on this issue, it was first addressed by the poor class. It is very important that the Qur’an states eight classes to be given zakat, and states that zakat cannot be allocated only to the poor and the poor, and that there are different alternatives for taxpayers.

Because zakat is an obligatory act of worship. It is a fact that people do not always reach poor people. With a sense of responsibility, zakat can also be given to institutions, foundations and associations that carry out these works at this point.

We have explained the answer to the question of who is given zakat above. If we have a financial situation, this is Islam. your order It is obligatory for us to fulfill it by giving one 40th of our property.

What is the importance of intelligence? from here you can read. We described it in detail in this article.

May Allah never separate us from the direction and consent in every situation and moment. Amine

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