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We have searched for you what you wonder about Telli Baba Tomb, which is known as one of the saints known as the four spiritual guards of Istanbul. Who is Telli Baba? Rumors about the Tomb, the reasons why it is visited so often, Where and How to Go? The information is with you in this article.

Telli Baba mausoleum is located in Sarıyer, Istanbul. Other than Telli Baba, the saints known as spiritual guards are; Hz. Joshua, Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi and His Beatitude Yahya Efendi from Beşiktaş.

Who is Telli Baba?

Telli Baba, about whom there is not much information, is thought to be the son of Abdullah Efendi, who was a battalion commander during the reign of Mehmet the Conqueror.

He received a madrasa education and at the same time, he was educated by taking inspiration from the important friends of Allah. Telli Baba was a loved and respected person who was deeply devoted to his good morals and to the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas).

He never made any distinction between religion and sect and invited those who worked for Islam and religion to the true religion. He served for many years in the Kadiri dervish lodge where his current tomb is located.

Where does the name Telli Baba come from?

There are different rumors about this subject. The most well-known is Sarıyer, where Telli Baba lived, and there were many Greeks around it. This person, who made their weddings with wire veils as a means for these people to become Muslims, is among the people. “The Wired Father” is called.

It is told that there were two rich families who were neighbors and friends. One had a beautiful daughter and the other family had a handsome son. The children grew up together and became friends.

Come and go, time has come and the relations between these two families are broken. They have come to the point where they are hostile to each other. But later on, those children loved each other. However, both families were against their marriage.

Two young people, who will not have looked, decide to run away together. They made a plan and sailed to the Bosphorus one night. They thought that we could settle down in a village on the beach and make a home. However, their families, who learned that they had escaped, pursued them with weapons.

As a result of the searches, they caught both of them at sea. However, the girl who fell into the sea in the turmoil died, and the young man managed to escape by swimming and went to Sarıyer beach. She came and settled where the Telli Baba shrine is now.

He began to live away from people. His lover, his love for the girl, over time turned into true love, divine love. Now he began to spend his days in worship and prayer. He started to be called Telli Baba because he put a pinch of bridal hair back on his turban and cap on his head, out of his worldly love.

Telli Baba Tomb

One of the wealthy Greek families of the time had a young and beautiful daughter and she fell ill. Neither the doctors nor the curers could find a cure for his illness. This girl saw Telli Baba’s Tomb in her night dreams.

A voice said to him, “Visit this shrine. There is healing for your sickness.” said. Thereupon, they visited Telli Baba and repeated these visits frequently. Finally, he regained his full health and found healing.

Telli Baba Tomb, which is still widely visited today, is also foreign. tourists It is visited by many.

For Which Wishes Do You Go to Telli Baba Tomb?

Many of those who go to Telli Baba Tomb go to the opening of a good fortune and pray there. People whose prayers have been accepted come to the tomb for the second time and distribute Turkish delight or candy.

Warning About Shrine Visits

Although we believe and know, I can’t help but make a little reminder. Awliyas, scholars and people who are friends of Allah (cc) are also mortals like us. If we have a wish, we cannot ask it from anyone other than Allah Ta’ala. We should only pray for the souls of these great people.

We should know that it is Allah who gives, the real influencer. However, he gives our requests, but we can be considered as an intercessor by reading them to such blessed persons and presenting them to their souls.

Telli Baba Tomb Photos

Where is Telli Baba Tomb? And How To Get There?

Telli Baba Tomb Rumeli Kavagi Mah. It is located on Liman Street in Sarıyer.

How can we reach If you want to go to this place, which is very easy, by public transport, you can take any minibus that passes over Sarıyer Harbor Street. 25A line IETT buses also pass through the tomb.

Our duty is to Allah and the friends of Allah. prayer is to. With greetings and prayers..

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