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Bursa is one of our beautiful cities, whose historical values ​​do not end with counting. Ottoman Empirewhere the foundations of the ByzantiumIt is a historical city that was also the capital of Turkey. In this article, the founder of the Ottoman Empire and his tomb is located in Bursa. Osman Gazi Tomb we will tell.

Osman Gazi Brief Summary of Life

his father Ertugrul Gazi, His mother is Hayma Hatun. Osman Gazi in 1258 Willowwas born in Osman Gazi, a valuable statesman, had a reputation as a brave, honest and just person. He was a master at wielding swords, riding and fighting. 23 years old Kayi LengthHe passed to the principality of and at the same age Sheikh Edebali His Holiness’s daughter Malhun Hatun got married to. The one who will become the head of the Ottoman Empire from this marriage Orhan Gazi was born. Other than Orhan Gazi, his other sons are Ali Bey, Melik Bey, Pazarlı Bey, Çoban Bey, Hamid Bey, Savcı Bey and Alaeddin Bey.

Bursa was kept under siege by the Turks for about 25 years. One day during this siege, Osman Gazi BursaWhile watching the monastery, he was fascinated by the Chapel of the Monastery and bequeathed his son Orhan Gazi to be buried under this silver dome.

Osman Gazi at an advanced age Gout Disease (Nikris) He was captured and left the administration of the principality to Orhan Gazi. He died in 1326 due to this disease.

When Osman Gazi died, Bursa was not in the hands of the Turks, so his body was buried in Ertuğrul Gazi’s tomb. After Bursa was conquered and the city was taken, Osman Gazi’s body was Ertugrul Gazi Tombbequeathed by Gümüşlü Cupola known by the name Sainte Elie It was moved to the mausoleum built on the chapel of the Byzantine monastery.

The building where Osman Gazi was buried was damaged by fire in 1801 and then restored in accordance with its original form. However, it was damaged in the great earthquake in 1855 and became much larger and as can be understood from its inscriptions. Sultan Abdulaziz A new mausoleum was built by him in 1863. This tomb is the current Osman Gazi Tomb and was built larger than the old tomb.

the name of the tomb Davullu Monastery It is also known as. The reason for this is that the drum and rosary, which was given to Osman Gazi by Alaeddin as a gift, were exhibited in the tomb. However, it is thought to have disappeared as a result of disasters such as earthquakes and fires.

Osman Gazi Tomb Location and Architectural Structure

The tomb is located in Bursa Tophane district, to the left of the Park entrance, next to the Martyrdom Monument.

The architectural structure of the tomb is octagonal and covered with a dome. It consists of 4 sections: a porch with 2 very thin and long columns, with Abdülaziz’s monogram on it, a rectangular entrance hall with wooden arches, the tomb-dark room and the tomb on the west of the hall. Except for the entrance side of the tomb, the keystone volutes on the other facades are illuminated by round arched marble jambs and cast iron mesh windows.

Osman Gazi Tomb’There are fabric curtains on the windows of the tomb, which was designed with decorations unique to the halls of the mansion.

Each slice of the dome of the tomb is decorated with 2 garlands. The pencil works in the building are simple and have been renewed in subsequent repairs. The baroque vegetal decorated velvet cover and mother-of-pearl inlaid network of the sarcophagus are works of art and were last repaired in 2004.

The inscription written in thuluth calligraphy and embroidered with silver glitter, and 2 Arabic inscriptions inscribed in 4 cartridges in the south and north provide the harmony of the tomb.

It is known that various gifts were given to this tomb in the historical process, and only two of these gifts have survived to the present day. One of them was written in thuluth script. Conquest Verse the other is a 5-line painting embroidered with gold glitter on a red satin fabric.

There are a total of 17 sarcophagi inside the tomb, 7 of which are at the front and at the back.

Osman Gazi lies inside the marvelous wooden coffin with mother-of-pearl inlaid in the middle.

Also inside the tomb Sultan Murad Ithe son of Mr. ProsecutorAspurçe Hatun, wife of Orhan Gazi, and her son İbrahim Bey, son of Osman Gazi Alaeddin Bey and there are twelve sarcophagi about which no information could be found about their names. The poet in the tomb linensof, Calligrapher Mehmet Zeki Dedewritten by Repair Book are also available.

Osman Gazi

May Allah be pleased with our ancestors, I hope their place is heaven…

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