Things That Are Forbidden In The Month Of Ramadan


Things That Are Forbidden In The Month Of Ramadan

Ramadan fasting is the fasting performed by being hungry and thirsty for 1 month from morning prayer to evening prayer every year. Fasting in the month of Ramadan in Islam; teaches to understand the plight of hungry people and to be patient. On the other hand, there are things that are prohibited in the month of Ramadan within the framework of the rules of fasting.

These rules are makruh one of the things he said. These are things that are forbidden in Ramadan and if they are done, they will break the fast. It is very important to pay attention to these prohibitions. It is also divided into two as the issues that do not fit the meaning of fasting and the issues that cause the fast to be broken.

As soon as forgetfulness comes into play, one can forget the fast and continue the fast by rinsing the mouth in an act such as eating or drinking. However, the fast of an individual who willingly eats and drinks is not accepted.

What are Forbidden Behaviors?

The book of the Qur’an, which warns about the forbidden things in Ramadan, has touched on many issues. In fact, there are many behaviors that are considered correct that cause the fast to be invalidated. Sometimes we misunderstand the meanings of the prohibitions commanded by the Qur’an.

Mouth and dental health

People who care deeply about their oral and dental health may cause them to break their fast, even without water or any paste in their throat. For this reason, it is very important to clean the mouth and teeth after sahur.

To Taste Something

Tasting the taste of a food or drink and chewing it without swallowing will break the fast. In this situation, which happens voluntarily, anything we put into our mouth actually causes us to break our fast. Even if we just taste and let go, this behavior is makruh.

Things That Are Forbidden In The Month Of Ramadan
Things That Are Forbidden In The Month Of Ramadan


Taking serum for any health problem invalidates the fast. The patient is not held responsible for this situation that he or she does involuntarily. Fasting is not a sin. But it gets corrupted. Apart from this, if there is a medication that the sick individual needs to take continuously, this individual should not fast. because Ramadan The use of drugs is among the things that are prohibited in the month.

Rinsing the Mouth

As a result of a very dry mouth or in the case of a very depressed mouth, rinsing does not invalidate the fast, provided that you do not swallow water in the mouth. This also applies to the shower. If we are careful not to get water into the mouth while taking a shower, and if the water does not enter our mouth and we do not swallow it, the fast will not break.

There are also situations where it is necessary. A mother with a child or infant does not break her fast if she has to. But these situations do not apply to a mother who produces milk. A mother who produces milk is not held responsible for fasting. She is responsible for giving milk to her baby. Apart from this, the fast of a mother, father or an individual who is in a difficult situation for their child does not break.

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