The Wisdom of Fasting – Dua Surah Verse


Fasting is obligatory upon us with the clear sign of the Qur’an. However, when we fast, which is obligatory, this fasting contains many wisdom and beauty. In this article, we will talk about these wisdoms. Until we become more inclined towards this fasting worship.

Fasting should be done only for the sake of Allah. This should be our intention, no other purposes should be sought. For example, let me diet and fast, it is not a good and pleasant intention. Our intention should always be for the divine consent, as in every worship, and we should not go out of it. The wisdoms mentioned below are an encouragement, a means, and not a goal for us.

The Beauties of Fasting

The benefits of fasting

In fact, there are many wisdoms and beauties that we know or do not know in all the fards commanded by the Almighty Allah. For something to be good, it is enough for Allah to command it. Below, we have tried to explain the beauties and wisdoms of fasting.

one- God’s We show our loyalty to your orders.

Our Lord has sent us to this world at the point of both trade and testing. Here, the world of testing is being tested with hunger, thirst, our wealth, poverty and wealth. There must be a test so that good and evil, good and evil, hardworking and lazy, hypocritical and sincere people will be revealed. This is how our Lord tests us with hunger and thirst this month of Ramadan. If we perform this worship, we show our sincerity and sensitivity in faith, by passing this test and succeeding.

2- Fasting increases our strength of patience and ability to fight.

Patience is the greatest strength we have in all our affairs in this world. Be it religious or secular. It is known that success comes with patience, troubles and calamities are overcome with patience. So, how do we strengthen this patience and learn patience? By fasting, we get used to patience from an early age and our patience becomes stronger.

This situation also increases the fighting ability of the person. He struggles with his ego. He does not become a prisoner of his own desires and can get rid of negative ambitions. In general terms, as it is known, in wars, famine, etc. In cases where food and drink availability is poor. In such a case, there is a possibility of being hungry and thirsty for a long time. Fasting helps us in two ways.

3- The value of blessings is known by fasting.

Knowing the value of the blessing is important both from a worldly and otherworldly perspective. God has given us so many blessings that if we count, there will be no end. That is why Allah asks us to be grateful for these blessings.

But humankind forgets the one who gives blessings through heedlessness and ignorance. We realize the value of blessings and the giver by fasting. Perhaps, if fasting had not been obligatory, many people would not have realized the blessings they would not keep and would have remained heedless. Realizing the worldly blessings is studied sociologically and psychologically.

4- Fasting develops compassion and mercy.

By fasting, that is, being deprived of blessings by being hungry and thirsty, we can better understand the situation of our brothers and sisters who are deprived of those blessings. Our ancestors better understand the state of being hungry. If he is full, he will know everyone as himself. Here, with fasting, we can better understand those in need. After this, the feeling of helping those in that situation, the feeling of compassion and compassion increases.

Unfortunately, many Muslims both in our country and in the Islamic world are in hunger and thirst. With fasting, we better understand the believers who are in this severe test and help them with compassion and mercy.

5- Fasting God’s we amnesty causes it to happen.

It is from the mercy of Allah that every good deed is rewarded multiplied. This is at least 10 times as much as the hadith says. This folding increases up to 700-1000 times. In blessed places and times, this folding increases much more.

However, if fasting is called, the color of the matter changes. A hadith-i kutsi is as follows: “Fasting is different. Because he kept it just for me. And I will reward him (as I wish). My servant has left that he will eat his lust (desire) for me.” (Bukhari)

Here is the person who sincerely fasts during Ramadan, I hope he will be freed from his sins and purified. For, our Prophet (saas) said, “Whoever believes in his virtues and fasts during Ramadan, waiting for his reward from Allah, his past sins will be forgiven.” He pointed to this truth by saying (Bukhari). Therefore, if we want Allah’s mercy and forgiveness, we must fast.

6- Anyone who wants an intercessor should fast on the Day of Judgment.

The Doomsday is so terrifying that no one knows this horror. In that time of terror, anyone who wants an intercessor should fast. The following is stated in a hadith-i sharif: “Fasting and the Qur’an will intercede for the servant at the time of judgment, and they will say: Fasting: “O my Lord! I forbade that servant of his from eating and lust during the day. Make me intercede for him.” The Qur’an: “I made him sleepless at night. And make me intercede for him.” they will say. Thus, both of them will intercede (for that person).” (Ahmed bin Hanbal, Musnad, II/174)

7- Fasting enriches the food

When we think of mercy and blessings, the first thing that comes to our minds is the month of Ramadan. As a matter of fact, in a hadith-i sharif, “Ramadan, the month of abundance, has arrived. Allah (swt) sends you wealth and mercy in that month. He forgives your mistakes and sins and accepts your prayers. Allah (swt) looks at your deeds and takes pride in you and His angels. If so, try to be good in the sight of Allah and do good. Indeed, the most unfortunate person is the one who is deprived of the mercy of Allah (swt). (Teberani) If you want blessings like that, let him fast.

8- Fasting creates a balance in social life.

One of the reasons for the unrest in societies is the lack of economic balance and what happens in one does not happen in the others. With this worship, people realize their helplessness and their ambitions decrease.

When we look at fasting as a social life, it is obvious that rich people better understand the needy by being hungry, and even they understand and help them a lot with the blessings of this month. This situation increases solidarity and unity and solidarity. The social and social contribution of fasting is an undeniable fact.

9- Fast and find health

As a human being, we work and we need rest. In general, it is obvious that our stomach cannot rest while our organs are resting somehow. Even without fasting, it is difficult for many people not to eat of their own will, especially by beating their own nafs. So the stomach always has to work.

Fasting, which is one of the 5 pillars of our religion, is complete healing. Today, doctors and experts doing research in Europe and America advise their patients to fast. Why is that? Because with fasting, toxins, fats and wastes accumulated in our body are thrown out of the body. Our stomach and body deal with new food, not them.

How giving zakat cleans the property, even fasting cleans the body. Just like giving zakat, wealth increases, so even the body cleans the body with fasting and finds health. That is, his health improves. In a hadith, there is a zakat for everything. The zakat of the body is also fasting.” (Teberani) expresses this truth.

10- Those who want to improve their morals should fast.

If we evaluate the month of Ramadan fully, that is, if we fast not only with our stomach but with all our organs, that is, if we fast with our hands, tongue, eyes, ears and feet, then we will fully protect ourselves from the sins that we may commit.

When this happens, we see that a fasting person avoids stinginess, mischief, and gossip. He stays away from arrogance, pride, vanity and selfishness. He goes against the wishes of his lust. It obeys the law. Then isn’t that what we call good morals?

In a hadith pointing to this truth, a hadith says, “Whoever does not abandon false talk (lie, backbiting, gossip, etc.) and practice with it, (he should know) that Allah does not need him to stop eating and drinking.” has been called. (Bukhari)

11- Fasting gives people the opportunity to control themselves.

Today, it is called self-control, that is, balancing between our wants and needs, using the decision in favor of the good and beautiful. In the month of Ramadan, when he can eat and drink whatever he wants, he does not eat or drink them only for the sake of Allah’s will. This is a great willpower training. Because he won’t when he can. Especially, the fact that the environment is like this increases the sense of social affiliation and gives psychological comfort.

12- The effect of fasting on bad morals and good morals

Unfortunately, cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, etc., which we call bad morals, poison both people and society. We both see and witness that many people per month such bad habits either quit or reduce.

If it were left to himself, maybe it would be difficult to give up or reduce those bad things without fasting. It will be difficult to demonstrate a will. It is an encouragement for everyone to keep fasting together personally and in general. Not only does it stay that way, it also finds the opportunity to start good deeds with prayer and the Qur’an.

With fasting, the dominance of the spirit over the body becomes stronger. Again, a development in thought and feeling, it is the middle that stress and tensions stay away. At such a time, it is of course possible for goodness and good morals to settle down and become a faculty with a little effort.

Yes, fasting has so many benefits and wisdom that it is innumerable. However, let’s be careful that the benefits and wisdom of fasting and all worship are encouraging to us. We should only do our prayers for the sake of the divine. All other benefits and wisdom come later.

I wish goodness, goodness, beauty and forgiveness to everyone in this blessed month, which contains many wisdom and secrets. With greetings and prayers.

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