The Sacrifice of Prophet Abraham’s Son


Dear brothers and sisters, throughout the history of humanity, Hz. It is full of miracles that started with the creation of Adam Aleyhisselam (the creation of Hazrat Adam Aleyhisselam is in itself the grace and miracle of God’s creation) and continues until today. One of these miracles The Sacrifice of Prophet Abraham’s Son known as. This event still continues today. Eid-al-Adha is celebrated.

100-113 of Surah Saffat. verses are divided into a story.

This is the chilling, striking, heart-wrenching tale of a father and son. And this story is impressive and shocking, like every lecturing Qur’an and the story of the Prophet (saas).

The Incident of Prophet Ibrahim’s Sacrifice of His Son Ismail (as)

The Birth of Hazrat Ismail Aleyhisselam

Hz. İbrahim Aleyhisselam does not have any children. This great prophet, who has reached the age of eighty-six, asks Allah for a pure son who will continue his cause and offspring (family) from the Almighty. And in the meantime, he says to God, “If you give me a son, I will sacrifice him”. Our Almighty Lord, Hz. He bestows a son to Ibrahim Aleyhisselam. They named this child as Prophet Abraham (pbuh) and our mother Hagar, Ismail.


The Dream of Prophet Abraham

When İsmail Aleyhisselâm was seven years old, Abraham saw that he had sacrificed his son, İsmail, while he was sleeping in his house in Damascus.

The Journey of Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail Aleyhisselam

Prophet Ibrahim Aleyhisselam immediately got on Burak and came to Mecca. He found him, his son Ismail, with his mother. Aleyhisselama Ismail:

“My son! Take a string and a large knife. Then let’s go to that valley,” he said.

Satan’s Trying to Prevent Prophet Abraham

He never told Hadrat Ismail about what his Lord had commanded him. Father and son Shi’b Valleywhen they are headed, Satan In order to disguise himself as a man and dissuade them from following God’s command, he intercepted the Prophet Abraham:

Satan : “O old man! Where are you going and what do you want to do?” he asked. to Ibrahim.

Abraham: “I want to go to that valley and see a job there!” said.

Satan: “Are you sure, you want to strangle your son Ismail!?” said.

Abraham: “Have you ever seen a father strangle his child?” she asked.

Satan : “Yes”. Said the devil, “That’s you father!” said.

Abraham: “Why would I strangle my child?”

Satan : “You think that Allah has ordered you to do this and you say it!” said.

Abraham: “If Allah has ordered me to do this, I find it appropriate to submit to Allah and fulfill his order!” said.

Satan : “By God, I think: Satan ordered you to come to you in your dream and slaughter your son. You are going to strangle him!” said.

Ibrahim Aleyhisselamrealized that he was the devil: “O enemy of Allah! By Allah, I will definitely fulfill Allah’s order in that valley!” said.

Satan’s Trying to Prevent the Prophet Ismail

When Satan lost his hope in Prophet Abraham, he blocked the way of his son Ismail Aleyhisselam, who was carrying a rope and a knife behind him, and said to him:

Satan : O child! Do you know where your father is taking you?” she asked.

Ismail Aleyhi Salam: “We will gather wood from that valley for our household!” said.

Satan: “By God, your father wants to strangle you. it’s taking him to the stranglehold!” said.

Ismail Aleyhi Salam: “He’s going to strangle me for what? Have you ever seen a father strangle his child?” said.

Satan : “Here, that is the father!” said.

Ismail Aleyhi Salam: “Why would my father strangle me?” when you ask

Satan: “He thinks that his Lord has ordered him to do this!” said.

Ismail Aleyhi Salam: “Let him do what his Lord has commanded him! Wherever he is, it is better to submit to his Lord and fulfill his Lord’s command! I, too, will listen to this command and submit to it!” said.


Satan’s Infestation with Our Mother Hagar

When Satan saw that İsmail Aleyhisselâm was avoiding listening to him, he immediately went to his mother. Hz. Our mother Hacer was at her home at that time. Devil Hagar to our mother:

Satan: “O mother of Ismail! Do you know where Abraham took Ishmael?” she asked.

Hz. Our Valide Hacer: “The water took us from the valley to gather wood.”

Satan: “He only took Ishmael to strangle him!”

Hz. Our Valide Hacer: “How can you think that a father can strangle his child?! No! It is not so. He is very compassionate towards his son!” said.

Satan: “He says and thinks that Allah ordered him to do this!” said.

Hz. Our Valide Hacer: “If his Lord has ordered this, it is necessary to submit to Allah’s order! Wherever he is, it is better for him to submit to God, to fulfill God’s command!” said.

Satan returned, angry that he could not do anything to Abraham and his household. All of them were united in listening to God’s command and obeying him.

Prophet Ibrahim’s Statement of Prophet Ismail and His Response

Abraham Aleyhis Salam, sebir valleyWhen he was alone with his son Ismail, he said to him:

Ibrahim Aleyhisselam: “My son! I saw you strangling you in my dream!” He informed him of what had been commanded.

Ismail Aleyhisselam: “Daddy! Do as you are ordered! I hope you will find me among those who are patient! Obey the order of Allah! Every good deed is subject to the command of its Lord!” After he said, “Did you report this to my mother? ‘ he asked his father.

Ibrahim Aleyhisselam: “No! I didn’t report!” said. Upon this

Ismail Aleyhisselam: “You did well not to report it.” said. Then: “Daddy! When you want to strangle me, tie me tight with a rope so that something hits me against you and my reward is not less! Because death is very hard and difficult. I’m not sure I won’t flutter when I feel the blade touch my skin! Sharpen your knife, sharpen it, and smash it right into my throat so that it kills me quickly! Let me rest in peace!” said and added.

Ismail Aleyhisselam: “Besides, when you are going to lay me down to strangle me, lay down and bring my forehead to the ground. Don’t lay it on my side. Because I am afraid that when I look at your face, he may come to rikka and prevent you from fulfilling the order that Allah has ordered you about me!”

“If you see fit to take my shirt and give it to my mother, do so! Maybe that will be a consolation for him. Entertain your heart with it!” said.

Ibrahim Aleyhisselam: “My son! How well have you helped me regarding what Allah has commanded!” said.

Sacrifice of Prophet Ismail

Hz. Abraham’s Preparation of His Son for Sacrifice

After this speech, Prophet Ibrahim tied him tightly as his son wanted. He sharpened the knife well. Then she laid him face down! He avoided looking at her face. When the knife of Ibrahim Aleyhisselam pressed down on Ismail Aleyhisselam’s throat, it was as if the knife encountered a copper plate! The mouth of the big knife did not cut the throat of İsmail Aleyhisselam! Ibrahim Aleyhisselam sharpened the knife with the wrist stone two or three times. But he was not able to cut the knife every time. “After all, this work is from Allah!” said. The blade of the knife in Ibrahim’s hand was reversed. At that time, by Almighty Allah:


“O Abraham! You showed loyalty to your dream! Here is the sacrificial sacrificial you slay for your son! Throat him!”

commanded. When Ibrahim Aleyhisselam sat up and looked Gabriel Beside him, he saw a big-horned ram or a large mountain goat standing in front of him.

Ibrahim Aleyhisselam: “Get up, baby! A ransom has been paid for you!” said. That goat is there, MinaHe sacrificed. It is rumored that this goat came down from the mountain of Sebir as well as a beautiful ram with big horns.

***Ismail Aleyhisselama, two horns of the ram sent as ransom by Allah and sacrificed KaabaIn , it hung for a long time and the Kaaba was Abdullah b. When it was burned in the time of Zubayr and Haccac, it was also burned.

The Situation of Prophet Abraham While Sacrificing His Son

Hz. Ibrahim lays his son Ismail on his forehead. He will sacrifice. Of course, his inner world is bitter and suffering, but he submits to the decision. Prophet Abraham will steal the knife to a thin piece of meat, but my Lord has removed the power to cut from the knife. The blade goes through his neck like a cotton ball. Hazrat Ibrahim passes out, Hazrat Ismail passes out. The knife goes off. Hazrat Ibrahim, the Almighty God’s Khalil (friend) says “cut” to the knife, but Halik (the Supreme Creator) says “do not cut”. What knife can cut it? Of course, fire burns, but if Almighty Allah says don’t burn, what kind of fire can burn Prophet Ibrahim? Here it is the same. The Supreme Power, who sets the rules, replaces those rules (Sunnatullah) with other rules. The power is His, the power is His, the property is His, the property is His, the word is His, the pen is His, the power is His, the ruling is His. To speak against someone’s place, to speak a word, to bandage the wound with a great sacrifice.


The Essence of the Story

The Quran informs us that a great sacrifice (sacrifice) was given to Prophet Abraham. We have always talked about the determination and self-sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim and the surrender of Hazrat I-Ismail, but for some reason, we always missed the fact that Almighty Allah did not cut down Hadrat Ismail. The vast mercy of Almighty Allah. The Lord, who tests a father by strangling his child, finally takes the father out of this heavy test. To grant him the grace of his child, not to have him strangled. Not to contaminate your son’s blood with your father’s hand. More merciful than the father. Then he gave prophethood to that boy (Hazrat Ismail) who surrendered to the Lord and made him the grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad (saas). Talking about the devoted father, the devoted father and the son who trusts, we unfortunately say, “How little do we talk about Allah, who is abundant in mercy. We always ignore that all we have is the result of His merciful touch, how can we appreciate the blessing of the Lord without knowing the Lord properly. He cannot understand either Hazrat Ibrahim, who is Khalil, or Hazrat Ismail, who is Halim, without fully surrendering to the Supreme Lord.

Our father, Mr. While the circumcision of Ibrahim was slaughtering the sacrifice, Hz. The Prophet (saas) has always said this since the second year of Hijrah. “This is your father. Ibrahim’s circumcision is the custom. For this reason, in Eid-al-Adha, k urban vacip or muekked (strong) circumcision was accepted. Sacrifice is an act of worship for every Muslim, without torturing animals in accordance with the law. This should not be neglected.

May Allah accept your sacrifices and make your intentions for Allah. For, not the flesh and blood of the sacrificed victim, but your taqwa-filled intentions go to Almighty Allah.

Let’s end our article with the translation of the chapter Saffat, which is the subject of this story. May Allah help us…

  • 100. He: “My Lord! Give me a son who will be one of the righteous.”
  • 101. Then We gave him the glad tidings of a good son.
  • 102. When he reaches the age to walk and travel with his father: “My baby! I dream that I strangle you; Think about it, what do you say? He replied: Daddy! Do what you are commanded to do. “I hope you will find me among those who are patient,” he said.
  • 103. When they both surrendered and laid him on his forehead:
  • 104. We said to him, “O Abraham!” we called.
  • 105. You have fulfilled the dream. This is how we reward the good.
  • 106. This is indeed a clear trial.
  • 107. We gave him a great sacrifice in exchange for his son.
  • 108. We left him (a good name) among those who will come back:
  • 109. Greetings to Ibrahim! we said.
  • 110. This is how we reward the good.
  • 111. Because he is one of our believing servants.
  • 112. As a prophet from among the righteous, we gave (Abraham) the glad tidings of Isaac.
  • 113. We blessed Him (blessed and blessed) Himself and Isaac. However, there will be good people from both their descendants, and there will be those who are openly evil to themselves.

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