The Religious Story of Mahmud


The story of God when you don’t give

What do you do with your god when you don’t give, Mahmud? If we say bad luck, it is one of the first words that comes to mind. Of course, we don’t want any of you to face bad luck. But this is life, anything can happen to us at any time.

In this article, we will tell an exemplary story that happened during the reign of Sultan Mahmut II. When you don’t give the name of our story, what would you do with the god, mahmud?

Stuck Dad Story

When You Don't Give, God

Sultan Mahmud II was walking around the bazaar, in a disguised dress, one day. When he got tired, he went into a cafe to take a breather and sat down at a table.

He saw that when everyone had a request, they were addressing the tea seller as “Clocked Dad”. This incident caught the attention of Sultan Mahmut II.

At that time, “Clocked Dad” started to tell;

my sultan

I had a dream one night. In my dream, there was a fountain belonging to everyone and these fountains flowed abundantly. I also had a fountain, but it flowed less than they did. Since I wanted my fountain to flow like theirs, I took a stick in my hand and started to stir the fountain.

I also saw that the rod broke and my water began to flow more drop by drop. After that, I continued to poke around, saying that even though it did not flow as much as theirs, at least it would flow as much as before. This time, the fountain got clogged up and no water started to flow anymore.

After that dream, my destiny is tied to whatever job I put my hand into. He tells the story by saying that I am now trying to make a living by making tea here.

When the sultan returns to the palace, he tells his men to cut a turkey and take it to the choked father with gold stuffing. They do as they are ordered, the one who buys the turkey, Stuffed Baba, says it will be a lot for me so I can get the money at least and sells it.

Learning the situation, the Sultan orders a tray of baklava to be made and taken to this man every day, and a gold plate to be placed under each slice. The next day, the soldiers took the tray with a gold piece on each slice to the Baba.

When Baba got the dessert and went home, the idea of ​​selling the dessert to meet the needs of the house came to his mind again, and he started shouting “Fresh baklava” in the busiest square. A Jewish passer-by likes the baklava and after bargaining, he takes the dessert and goes home.

Noticing the gold while eating the dessert, the Jew buys all the baklavas at a good price from Tıkandı Baba for 1 month.

A month later, wondering about the situation of the tea maker, Sultan goes to the cafe again and is surprised to see Tıkandı Baba making tea and asks what he is doing with the baklavas. When the father said that he was selling the baklava, the Sultan said “Fesuphanallah” and left the cafe and turned to his men;

gold chamber of last resort

“Take this man and take him to the treasure room and give him a shovel. Whatever gold comes to that shovel is his. They go and give a shovel. However, our tea maker holds the shovel upside down due to excitement and only half a gold comes to the handle of the shovel.

Having learned the situation, the sultan once again had his men go straight to one of the principality lands and give this man a stone and throw it as far as possible. He said give the land between the place where the stone fell and the place where it was found.

The men took Blocked Baba and took him to the field. They said that Sultan Mahmut Khan will give you the land between the place you threw and the place where you are.

It is not known whether it was from fear or excitement, this time the man lifted the stone and just as he was about to throw it, he fell under the stone and died. of the sultan His men reported the situation to Mahmut Han. Hearing this, Sultan Mahmut Han said his famous word;

When you don’t give, what is your god, Mahmud?

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