The Qur’an, the Greatest Miracle of Our Prophet


The greatest miracle of our Prophet

If you were asked what the greatest miracle of our Prophet was, the answer would undoubtedly be the Qur’an. It is such a miracle that it still maintains this characteristic today.

Yes, there is a complete agreement when the greatest miracle of our Prophet is the Qur’an. This holy book is a great and eternal miracle that appeals to all ages and is mind-blowing. The Prophet (saas) said in this regard:

“There is no prophet who has not been given a miracle that people of his time believed in. What was given to me as a miracle is only what Allah revealed to me.” (Bukhari)

The miracle of the Qur’an has been described as follows; The Qur’an is a book that is the word of Allah and that contains many miracles that human beings are incapable of producing.

The polytheists, who rejected the verses that were revealed at that time, said, “We have heard, if we want, we can say something like it (i.e., something like the Qur’an). This is nothing but the fables of the ancients.” (Surah Anfal 31)

Thereupon, the Qur’an challenged them by saying, “Or they say, did he (the prophet) fabricate the Qur’an? Say, then, bring ten suras like it, which are fabricated. And if you are truthful in what you say, call anyone you can, besides Allah.” (Hud:13)

There are similar expressions in other verses and these verses have been in the middle for 1400 years. It is a clear miracle of him that no one has been able to bring the like of a verse, let alone 10 suras, until now.

The Greatest Miracle Is The Qur’an

Regarding the Qur’an, which is the greatest miracle of our Prophet, there are both 40 cehi licences and 7 universal aspects. Its seven aspects are: His splendor in his words, the wonder of punishment in his Nazm, his marvelous mosque, his eloquence in degrees of i’jaz, his style and ijaz, his preaching of the unseen and his reports, and summarizing the issues.

In other words, when we look at the Quran, it is a miracle both in word and meaning. This miracle book came down at a time when Arabic literature was at its peak, when the arts of poetry, rhetoric and eloquence were very advanced, and he even challenged the Arabs to bring a similar one, but they were helpless in the face of the Qur’an’s style, verse, eloquence and eloquence.

In this state, Mr. As the greatest miracle of our Prophet, to hell The Qur’an, which will continue until

Hz. In the time of the Prophet, poetry and rhetoric arts were very advanced, and eloquence, fluency, skill and literature were extremely popular and prominent. The reason for this is Hz. In addition to and superior to all his other miracles, the Prophet was bestowed with the miracle of the Qur’an, which will incapacitate people until the Day of Judgment.

The Qur’an contains all the truths about both the worldly and the hereafter and has shed light on humanity for centuries. The Qur’an informed us centuries ago about what science and technology have reached and will reach.

In this state, our Book, the Qur’an, is a miracle in many respects, both in writing and in meaning. There are thousands of volumes of books written on this truth.

The Qur’an, the greatest miracle of our Prophet, is a living miracle, and the evidence for this is the facts that have been written and told for 14 centuries and cannot be disproved.

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