The Prayer Our Prophet (saas) Recited Before Sleeping


The prayer that the Prophet recited before sleeping

Our Prophet made some special prayers before going to sleep and after waking up and asked us to recite these prayers as well.

Before going to sleep, the Prophet would recite Surah Felak and Surah Nas, blow into his palm and pat his whole body with his hands. (Bukhari, Deavât, 12) and reading the last 10 verses of Surah Al-i Imran after waking up (Bukhari) was one of the acts he did during sleep.

That’s why we say that the effort to protect us from all kinds of harm, especially the devil, and to protect us from evil is also valid for the times spent in sleep.

The Prayer Our Prophet Read Before Sleeping

Before the Prophet went to sleep

‘Allahumma eslemtu nafsî ileyke veveccehtü vechîileyke vefewadtü amrîileyke ve elce’tü zahriileyke, in demand and rahbeten ileyke, lâmelcee velâ mencâ minke illâ ileyke. Âmentü bikitâbikellezî enzelte ve binebiyyikellezî erselte.’

my god! I referred myself to you. I turned my face towards you. I bought you my job. I have my back on you. You are the one I hope for, and you are the one I fear. If there is a place to escape from you and take shelter from you, it is you. I believed in the book you sent down and the prophet you sent.

The Prophet would take his ablution before going to sleep and when he was going to bed, and lie down on his right side. He gave the good news that the person who recites this prayer will die in a pure nature if he dies that night.(Bukhari)

Our Prophet (pbuh) said:

“When a person goes to bed, he should turn to his right side and put his right hand under his right cheek and recite this prayer; ‘Bismika, Allahumma emutu wa ahya = O Allah, I die and resurrect by mentioning your name.’ “(Bukhari, Daavât 7, 8, 16, Tawhid 13)

In another hadith, he commands us to say “Allahu akbar” 33 times, “subhanallah” 33 times, and “alhamdulillah” 33 times when resting or when you go to bed. (Bukhari)

Before going to sleep, the Prophet would put his right hand under his cheek and say: ‘Allahumma kinazabeke yevme teb’asuibâdek.’ (O Allah! Protect your servants from the torment when you resurrect them!” (Tirmidhi)

When he wakes up from sleep, let him say, ‘Alhamdulillahillezî ahyâna ba’dema ematenâ ve ileyhinnuşûr. (I thank Allah that you brought me back to life after I slept. It is you who will resurrect me after death. (Tirmidhi)

Our Prophet (saas) Property For the surah, that surah is the protector and savior. He said that he will save him from the torment of the grave.

The Prophet should have memorized the prayers they made before going to sleep and after waking up. Because sleep means my death It means little brother. Let’s be entrusted to God in this time period.

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