The Prayer Our Prophet (saas) Reads When He Leaves Home


It is best to act with prayer when leaving or entering the house. Because prayers are like armor and they are a means of protecting us against evil and troubles.

Let’s pray while leaving or entering the house so that our home and road will be peaceful. It is important for family members to pray to Almighty Allah when they leave the house so that they can return to their homes in peace.

By means of prayer, Almighty Allah gives us patience and endurance against life’s troubles, and helps us to live in peace and happiness with other members of our family.

The shortest form of prayer when leaving home is “Salam” and “Basmala”. It is obvious that there is goodness and abundance in our works that started with Basmalah. In addition, with basmala, we both indicate that we seek refuge in Allah from evil, and we promise that we will try to act in accordance with His consent in all matters.

From this point of view, we should not forget the greeting when leaving or entering the house. Because with the greeting we give, we wish goodness and well-being to our family from Almighty Allah. Our beloved Prophet (saas) both used basmala and prayed while entering and leaving the house.

Prayer when entering the house

evil eye prayer

Whoever recites this prayer while entering a house at a distance, Eûzü bikelimatillahittammeti min sharri mahalaka / I seek refuge in Allah’s full words from the evil (trouble) of what He has created.’ If he says, nothing can harm him until he leaves the house.” (Bukhari)

Prayer When Leaving Home

When leaving the house

Whoever leaves the house, Bismillah tawakkaltu-Allah. Lahavle vela power ill-Allah. So, in the name of Allah, I leave my house. I rely on Allah in all my affairs and I trust Him. Power and strength come only with the help of Allah.” (Tirmidhi) is protected from danger and evil and Satan stays away from him.

Again, Umm Salama (ra), one of the Companions, informed that byEvery time the Messenger of Allah (saas) left his house, he would always turn his face to the sky and pray:

When leaving the house

Arabic pronunciation: “Allahümme inni e’uzubike enedille evüdalle, evezille evüzelle evuzleme evuzleme evechele evyüchele aleyye.

Meali: O my God! I seek refuge in You from going astray from the right path (misleading), from being misled (misguided), from slipping, from being oppressed (injustice), from being oppressed (injustice), from being ignorant or encountering ignorance (dealing with it).” (Abu Dawud, Adab, 103)

Let’s memorize these prayers and read them while leaving and entering the house so that we can be safe.

The Prophet did not sleep We recommend that you read the prayers that he read before and after waking up.

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