The Prayer of Our Prophet (saas) Against the Evil Eye


Prayers to be read against the evil eye

What are the prayers read against the evil eye? What is the prayer that our Prophet (saas) recited against the evil eye? What can we do to protect against the evil eye? The recitation of the evil eye prayer in both Arabic and Turkish is in this article.

Although the nature of the evil eye and eye contact is not known, it is accepted that some people’s eyes have negative effects and this situation is also accepted by religion. What can we do against the evil eye in this article?

What is Evil Eye? Is there an Evil Eye Prayer?

The evil eye (eye contact) may come from the eyes of a person who looks jealous or envious. The evil eye can touch a person as well as plants, animals or even inanimate objects.

For, in verse 51 of the chapter of pen in the Qur’an: has been called.

Hz. Regarding eye contact, the Prophet (saas) said, “The evil eye (i.e. the evil eye) is right.” (Bukhari, Medicine 36). “Pray for him, because he has the evil eye.” (Bukhari, Tib, 35) he said.

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) read the Surahs of Muavvizeteyn (ie Felak and Nas) against the evil eye and the eye and advised his companions to read these suras as well.(Ibn Mace, Tib 32)

The Prayer of Our Prophet Against the Evil Eye

Descendants of the Prophet (saas) Hz. It is reported that he prayed the following prayer to protect Hasan and Hüseyin from evil eye and to protect them from all kinds of evil.

evil eye prayer
evil eye prayer

Euzu bikelimâtilâhi’t-tâmmeti min kulli satan and hammetin ve minşeri kulli aynin lammeh.” (Ibn Maje, Tib, 36).

I seek refuge in Allah, for the sake of his complete (complete) words, from all kinds of devils, harmful things (poisonous animals) and evil eyes.

For the evil eye of our Prophet (saas), “Allahumma barik fihi vela supply” he used to read, “My God, bless this. Don’t let him hurt her.” . (Ibn Sunni)

Hadith About the Evil Eye

“The one who reads Fatiha and Ayet-el Kursi will not be worth the evil eye that day” (Deylemi)

Our Prophet (saas) read Surah Nas and Felak and said:

prayer for corona virus
Prayer against troubles

“Bismillahillezi layedurru maasmihi sheikun filard vela fissemai ve huvessemiulalim” Whoever reads is protected from magic, evil eye and cruelty. (Ibn Majah)

Again, the Messenger of Allah (saas) said, “Whoever sees something that pleases him and says, ‘Masha’Allah la quwwa ill-la-llallah’, nothing will harm him.” (Beykhaki)

However, the above-mentioned Pen surah 51-52 against the evil eye. verses, Felak and Nas suras, verse al-kursi, ikhlas and fatiha surahs can be read.

Let’s learn these prayers and surahs. God bless you and us casing well done. Amine. Trust God, my dear.

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