The Most High of Prophets – Dua Surah Verse


The supreme and last of the prophets is the Prophet Muhammad (saas). He (saas) is the most honorable and respected of all the creatures Allah has created.

Undoubtedly, the best of the prophets is Hz. Muhammad (saas) is the last prophet to come among the prophets, and there will be no prophet after him. Everything was created for his sake.

Almighty Allah has sent prophets to show us the way that He is pleased with and should be followed. It is reported that 124 thousand prophets came and Hz. Muhammad (saas) was sent to general people and jinn as the last Prophet. For this reason, our Prophet is called “Hâtem-ün-nebiyyîn” and “Hâtem-ül-Anbiyâ”.

Of course, all prophets are virtuous and valuable. Every prophet is superior to all people in his own place and his own people in every way, and they are superior to all people in terms of prophethood. We believe in all of them as a condition of faith.

Two Verses

Some people say that there is no difference between prophets, but these verses are an answer to them. Verse 253 of Surat al-Baqara says, “We have favored some of these prophets over others…”

Another verse, Isra Surah, Verse 55: “As a matter of fact, we made some of the prophets superior to others.” says. While these verses are in the middle, it is necessary not to believe these words.

Ulul Azm Prophets

Islamic scholars, especially our Prophet (saas), and Hz. Abraham, St.Noah, Hz. Moses and St. They agreed, based on the verses, that the prophets of Jesus were ulu’l-azm and the most superior prophets.

In our supreme book, the Qur’an, “We sent you to the worlds mercy We sent it.” (Surah Anbiya, 107) His being a mercy to the worlds requires that he be superior to all the worlds. Since other prophets were included in these realms, Hz. He is a prophet.

An Assay

Other prophets only to their own people, Hz. The Prophet, on the other hand, was sent as a prophet to all humanity. In the Qur’an, in verse 158 of Surah Araf, “Say: O people! I am the messenger of Allah, the owner of the heavens and the earth, to all of you”. Therefore, since his prophethood is general, his rank is also higher.

It is known that the prophetic mission of the prophets covers a certain time. With the arrival of a new prophet, the previous provisions change, that is, they abolish him. The prophethood of our Prophet (saas) will continue until the Day of Judgment, and his decrees abrogated the laws of all the prophets before him, that is, abolished their provisions.

A miracle such as Miraj was bestowed only on him, and he both became an imam and led prayers in the Masjid al-Aqsa. Being an imam to all prophets shows his greatness.

Hz. About the Ummah of the Prophet, in the Qur’an, “You are the best nation raised for mankind.” (Surah Ali Imran 110) is commanded. If the ummah of Muhammad is the best of the other ummahs, the prophet of this ummah will be the best of all prophets.

However, while Allah (cc) addresses all of his prophets by name, Hz. He called the Prophet “My Habib”, that is, my beloved, and addressed him as such. These stories show that he is the most superior and virtuous of the Prophets.

Hadith-i Sharifs

In an authentic hadith mentioned in Tirmidhi, our Prophet (saas) said, “I am the master of the sons of Adam on the Day of Judgment. All the prophets will be under my banner.” This hadith clearly shows that he is superior to all prophets.

Allahu ta’ala says in a hadith that “Levlake levlake lema halaktü’l eflak” meaning “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have created anything!” (Acluni, II: 164; Hakim el Mustedrek, II: 615).

The following is stated in another hadith-i qudsi. Emphasizing that all creatures were created for his sake, he said, “God, I created you from my own light and other creatures from your light.” (Iman Ahmed, Musnad IV-127

These two hadiths are sacred to us. It shows that the Prophet Muhammad (saas) is the most superior of all prophets in all times and everywhere, that is, from the day the world was created to the Day of Judgment, among all beings past, present and future.

Yes, no one is above him in any way, nor can he be. If you want, let’s expand the hadith we told above a little more.

Abdullah bin Jabir (ra), one of the Companions, narrates, “O Messenger of Allah! Can you tell me what Allahu ta’ala has created first of all?” said.

Our beloved Prophet said: “First of all, he created your prophet, my light, from his own light. At that time, there was neither the Tablet, nor the Pen, neither Heaven, nor Hell, nor angels, neither the sky nor the earth (earth), neither the sun, nor the moon, neither man, nor jinn.”

Hz. When Adam (as) was created, he saw the name “Ahmed” in the Throne and said, “O Lord! What is this name?” When Allah (cc) asked, “This is the light of a prophet from your offspring whose name is Ahmed in the heavens and Mohammed on the earth. If it weren’t for Him, I wouldn’t have created you.” he commanded.

Yes, all prophets are pioneers and virtuous people. However, it is mentioned in the verse that some of my prophets are superior. If he was the highest of the prophets, it is fixed in the light of what has been told and with the alliance of Islamic scholars.

In short, Mr. To read the life of our Prophet (saas) here Click here.

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