The Most Effective Wish Prayer – The Most Effective Wish Prayer


Sekine prayer As a dictionary meaning, it means peace of mind, confidence, feeling of confidence, calmness, calmness and dignity.

Sekine Prayer It is a prayer consisting of the beautiful names and verses of Allah (swt) in the Quran.

The Emergence of the Sekine Prayer

Hadrat Gabriel (as) downloads a page in the presence of our Prophet (saas). This mysterious prayer page, on which the 6 names of Allah (swt) are written, is conveyed to Hazrat Ali (ra). Hazrat Ali (ra) describes this event as follows;

“I saw Gabriel encircling the sky like a rainbow. I heard your voice. I got the page from him. I found Allah’s names Ferd, Hayy, Kayyum, Referee, Adl and Kuddus written on the page.

These six names of Allah, which are revealed by Sekine and consist of Ferd, Hayy, Kayyum, Hakim, Adl and Kuddus, are Ism-i azam for Hazrat Ali (ra).

Among these names, the names of Referee and Adl are the names of Imam-i Azam. The name Hayy is azam-i azam for Abdulkadir-i Geylani. The name trustee is the name-i azam for Imam-i Rabbani.

The fact that Said Nursi, who was wonderfully protected from the terrible strife he faced during his life of more than eighty years, read high mysteries like Sekine, which he took lessons from Hazrat Ali (ra) through Imam-i Ghazai, without leaving it as a permanent source.

It has sufficed to show us that there is an open and protective door to which we can take refuge in every moment of trouble and fitna.

Short Meanings of the 6 Names in the Sekine Prayer

individual : Allah is one, the only one, the only one, the only one, the owner of independence and infirad.

Hey: God is eternally alive and has eternal, eternal life. He is the One who gives life to everything and gives life to everything.

Trustee: Allah is always omnipresent, so to speak, always standing, dominating everything He has created, managing, directing and directing beings as He wishes, everything comes into existence with Him, He stands with Him, He continues with Him.

Judge: Allah is sovereign, wise, and it is one of his high customs that he pursues wisdom and benefit in everything he creates. It does not create something useless and in vain. He watches over and controls his creations. He separates the righteous and the unjust from his servants, and judges between them with truth and justice.

Name: Allah is the owner of justice, He gives everything that is due to His creation, He never wrongs anyone, He judges with justice in the Judgment Day, His punishment consists of justice, not cruelty or injustice. Just as Allah Himself is the owner of justice, He also commands justice to His servants in all their affairs.

Holy: Allah is pure, pure, free from shortcomings, faults, weakness, and all kinds of deficient attributes that the people of disbelief and wrongdoing think. Allah has perfect attributes. Every adjective, every name, every deed, every deed is perfect.

It creates beings perfect, flawless, clean and pure. He loves cleanliness, orders cleanliness, purifies his servants who repent and repent of their sins and makes them clean.

Before Beginning the Sekine Prayer

– Before starting the Sekine prayer, ablution must be performed for the purpose of absolute physical and spiritual purification.

-Sekine prayer is said in a lonely environment, and the place where this prayer will be done is a secluded place, which increases the response to the prayer.

– If the praying person gives a small alms before and after the prayer, it will be instrumental in opening the doors of mercy and it will be easier to get an answer to his prayer.

-The person who will pray Sekine should pray to Allah alone and only. Establishing an intermediary other than Allah is a great sin, even if it is done with good intentions.

The one who prays must pray with complete surrender and faith. He must believe without hesitation that both good and evil come from Allah.

When to Read the Sekine Prayer?

-Sekine prayer manner As the time of prayer, it is after the morning prayer. If a person prays in the time between the morning prayer and sunrise, I hope his prayer will be answered. They said that if he could not find the opportunity to say this prayer after the morning prayer, he could also pray after the night prayer.

Recitation of the Sekine Prayer

-Intent (To intend for what and for what purpose it is read)

-Istighfar (7 DEFA) ( Estaghfirullah aziym)

-Salavat-i Sharif ( 7 TIMES)( Allaümme salli ala sayyidine Muhammed ve ala ali sayyidina Muhammed)

-Allahu Akbar (7 or 10 Allahu Akbar)

Basmalah is drawn first – Then (Ferdun, Hayyun, Trustee, Referee, Adlun, Kuddusun) Esmas are read – Then the 1st verse is read. This process is repeated 19 times and the 1st Verse is completed. Then the Basmalah is read again – Then these 6 Names are read and the 2nd verse is read. This one is read 19 times and the others are read in this order. prayer is completed.

The Arabic Recitation of the Verses Read in the Sekine Prayer and their Turkish Meanings

Sekine Prayer

Arabic Recitation of Verses Turkish Meanings of Verses Surahs
Seyec ‘alullahu ba’de ‘usru-y yusra Allah will grant ease after every hardship. Talaq, 65/7
Anethyl body lil hayyil trustee All faces bow down to God, who has real life, who sustains everything. Taha, 20/111
And innallahe bikum lera ufun rahimu Undoubtedly, Allah is very kind and merciful to you. Hadid, 11/9
Innallahe kane tawaben rahime Undoubtedly, Allah is very accepting of repentance and very merciful to His servants. Nisa, 4/16)
innallahe kane gafuran rahime Surely, Allah is very forgiving and very merciful. Nisa, 2/23, 106
fe innallahe kane afuwven kadira Surely, Allah is very forgiving, although He is omnipotent. Nisa, 4/149
innallahe kane semian besira Surely, Allah hears everything and sees everything properly. Nisa, 4/58
innallahe kane alimen judge Undoubtedly, Allah knows everything and does everything with wisdom. Nisa, 4/11
innallahe kane aleykum opponent Surely, Allah is watchful over you and sees your every condition. Nisa, 4/1
İnna fetahnaleke fethan mubiyna We have opened for you a clear path of conquest. Conquest,48/1
ve yen surakallahu nesran azize And may Allah help you with a very honorable victory. Conquest, 48/3
İnne speedballahi humül galibûn Undoubtedly, the people who follow Allah are the real victorious ones. Maida, 5/56
innallahe huvel kaviyyül saint Surely, Allah is mighty in His punishment, and His might is over all. Hud, 11/66
innallahe huvel ganiyyül hamid Surely, it is only Allah Who needs nothing and is worthy of all kinds of praise. Lokman, 31/26
Hasbiyallahu la ilahe illa HU God is enough for me. There is no deity worthy of worship except Him. Repentance, 9/129
Hasbunallahu veni’mel vekil God is enough for us. What a great agent he is. Al-i Imran, 3/173
la yeh zunuhumul fezeul akbar The horror of the Doomsday, which is the greatest fear, does not cause them sadness. Anbiya, 21/103
iyyake na’budu and iyyake nestain Only You do we serve and only You do we seek help. Fatiha, 1/5
walhamdu lillahi rabbil alemin And praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Fatiha, 1/2; Enam, 6/45

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