The Miracles of the Battle of Badr – Dua Surah Verse


What are the miracles of the Battle of Badr

The Battle of Badr in 624. In this article, we will deal with the miracles of the Battle of Badr, which is the first war fought between the Prophet and the Meccan polytheists.

The Battle of Badr was the struggle of Muslims for existence and non-existence. The Muslim army was supported by angels in this war. It was made with great difficulties because the army of the polytheists was three times more than the army of the Muslims. It was the first major war in the history of Islam and had very important military and political consequences. Here, as the miracles of the Battle of Badr, we describe the miracles that took place during this war.

A Handful of Soil Becomes a Thousand Handfuls

Our beloved Prophet (saas) was praying during the war, raising his hands as high as he could. He was begging Allah for the Muslims to win.

Then the war started. The number of polytheists was three times more than the number of Muslims, and their weapons were too high, as were the numbers.

Saint Prophet (pbuh) bent down and picked up a handful of soil from the ground, then threw it towards the army of the polytheists. On the other hand, he was praying, “May their faces be black”.

The blessed and loud voice of our beloved Prophet (saas) echoed on the battlefield.

While the polytheists are under attack, they will be crushed by the arrival of those lands. Now they were busy with their eyes. Then they started to run left and right with fear of life.

Yes, our Prophet (saas) threw a handful of soil, but Allah brought it to the eyes of all enemies. Our Almighty Creator had made a handful of soil, thrown by his beloved messenger, into a thousand. Our Lord describes our lofty book, the Qur’an, as follows. “When you threw that handful of soil, you did not throw it, on the contrary, Allah threw it.”

The Miracle of the Stick as a Sword

Another incident as the miracles of the Battle of Badr is as follows. From the Companions Hz. Ukkashe (ra)’s sword was broken during the war. In the first years of Islam, Muslims did not have spare weapons because their financial situation was not good.

Our Prophet (saas) When he learned that Ukkashe (ra)’s sword was broken, he gave him a long stick and said, “Go fight this!” he commanded.

Hz. Ukkashe (ra) took the stick without hesitation and attacked the enemy with the stick. That stick Mr. Miraculously, in the hand of Ukkaşe (RA), a white sword shining sharper than iron appeared.

This sword became famous among the Companions as El-Avn, that is, Divine help. Hz. After that, Ukkaşe (ra) participated in all the wars with that sword. Until he was martyred in the Battle of Yamama.

A similar miracle of this stick took place in the Battle of Uhud. The sword of Abdullah Bin Jahsh (ra), the son of our Prophet’s (saas) aunt, was broken during the war.

Being aware of this situation, Hz. The Prophet (saas) gave him a stick. Again, as a miracle, this stick became a sharp shining sword in his hand, and he fought with the polytheists until he was martyred with this sword.

Here, of course, there are many things as the miracles of the Battle of Badr. explainable The fact that around 3,000 angels fought on the side of Muslims is a completely different event.

For now, we are content with this much.

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