The Miracle of Splitting the Moon – Dua Surah Verse


The miracle of splitting the moon in two

The miracle of splitting the moon into two is mentioned both in the first verses of the chapter of al-Qamar and in authentic hadiths. In other words, this event came with tawatur.

The Prophet (saas) had more than 1000 miracles. The miracle of splitting the moon into two is one of those miracles.

Although this miracle is mentioned as authentic in both verses and hadiths, it is very difficult to understand those who deny it. In this article, we will talk about both this miracle and the answers to some questions that come to mind.

Shakki Kamer Miracle

Once again, the Qurayshi polytheists said to Hz. They were with Muhammad (saas). They had made a plan among themselves to put him in a difficult situation. So much so that they would demand something impossible from him and embarrass him in public in their own way.

For this, St. They would ask the Prophet (saas) to divide the moon into two. When he could not do what they wanted, they would mock him in public and say that he was not a Prophet.

Hz. They came to our Prophet (saas) and said: If you are a true Prophet, show us a miracle! If you are truly a Prophet on truth, divide this month in two!

Our Prophet (saas) said, “O Qurayshis, if I do what you say, will you believe?

All of them answered, “Yes, we will believe both in Allah and that you are His Messenger!

And The Moon Split In Two

Upon these words, Mr. Muhammad (saas) looked at the moon and gave his blessed finger a translation. Afterwards, the Moon suddenly split in two, and the miracle of our Prophet was realized by appearing in two parts.

Mount Mina was caught between the two parts of the splitting Moon, creating a magnificent and chilling sight. Since the polytheists did not expect such a thing, they were terrified and frightened. They were amazed.

Our Prophet (saas) said to the Companions who were with him, “Be a witness, be a witness.” While saying that, the polytheists could not look at each other because of their amazement and said, “Muhammad cast a spell on us.” they were saying.

Another polytheist who was there said, “Muhammad (saas) only cast a spell on us and showed the Moon in two parts.” He said that this situation should be asked to the caravans coming from the surrounding towns.

This offer was reluctantly accepted by the other polytheists, and the next day, caravans from both Yemen and other places inquired about this situation.

Whoever they asked, they witnessed the miracle of splitting the moon in two, as they traveled at night. Hearing these words, the Meccan polytheists said, “The magic of the orphan of Abu Talib also affected the sky.” In this way, they continued their stubbornness and cursing.

A verse was revealed after this event. “When they see a miracle, they turn away from it and say, ‘It’s a normal magic…’, they lie, they follow their souls.” (Kamer, 54/2)

Yes, the miracle of splitting the moon into two is one of the greatest miracles. The following verse of the Qur’an confirms this. The hour is near. The moon (in two) has split. (Surah Al-Qamar 1)


When this miracle took place, no polytheists denied it, they only said it was magic. Unfortunately, some of the later ones do what they don’t deny.

The miracle of splitting the moon into two is mentioned in the first verse of the chapter of al-Qamar and Hz. It was narrated by famous companions such as Ali, Ibn Masud, Huzeyfe, Jubayr, Ibn suggest and it is mentioned in authentic hadith books such as Bukhari, Muslim and Tirmidhi.

Why is it said that the world did not see? First of all, it should be known that this event was suddenly shown to a ready congregation there at night as evidence of prophethood.

This miracle It was shown to those who were there as a proof of prophethood, and to show this to those who did not hear about the institution of prophecy, it is not wise to show it; it took a short time. Because the religion of Islam opens the door to the mind, but does not disable the mind. If everyone saw it, it would be an obligatory faith. There are rumors that it was seen in places like India.

This miracle took place at night when it was a time of heedlessness, and civilization did not advance that much, but continued for a short time, of course, not everyone can see it. At the same time, it is obvious that the movement of the moon is not like the sun and that not all parts of the world are dark.

Even now, if we wanted to see the moon, we might not be able to see it if we looked carefully. Because the weather conditions, the fact that half of the world is bright and the movement of the moon is not like the sun, and the fact that people are sleeping late at night, especially at that time, may be a reason.

Even now, many people will not know and see even greater celestial events without technology, right? Isn’t it natural that not everyone sees the miracle of splitting the moon into two, especially at night?

Yes, our prophet from your blessed fingers Quite a few miracles have happened. May Allah make us not one of the blind people, but those who see these truths materially and spiritually.

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