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The life of the Prophet in brief

I hope we will briefly describe the life of our Prophet. Prophet Muhammad was born in 571 in Mecca. He lost his father before he was born and his mother when he was 6 years old after he was born. His father’s name is Abdullah, his mother’s name is Amine, his grandfather’s name is Abdulmuttalip.

While he was growing up under the auspices of his grandfather, he came under the protection of his uncle Abu Talib after his grandfather’s death. Our Prophet was involved in business from an early age. He opposed the tradition of idolatry that was prevalent at the time. He received the title of EL EMIN among people because of his good morals, honesty and justice. This attribute is one of the most important attributes in the life of our Prophet.

When he was 25 years old, he married Hazrat Hatice. She had 6 children from Hz. Hatice. She named her children Kasım, Abdullah, Zeynep, Rukiye, Ümmü Gülsüm and Fatima. Kasım and Abdullah lost at a very young age.

Miracles Coming with the Birth of the Prophet

When the life of our Prophet is examined and the world present We see that he performed many miracles when he did it. These miracles that appeared at the time of his birth point to his prophethood and are as follows:

    1. Hazrat Amina did not suffer any difficulties during her pregnancy and birth. When he was born, a light emerged that illuminated the gap between east and west.


    1. As soon as our Prophet was born, the devil gave a louder cry than ever before.


    1. The Semave Valley was flooded.


    1. 14 columns from Kisra’s palace were destroyed.


    1. The fires that have been burning for a thousand years in Iranian temples have been extinguished.


Becoming a Prophet Muhammad

The first revelation came to our Prophet (saas) in the Cave of Hira in 610. The first revelation command was conveyed by the angel of revelation, Gabriel (as). The first revelation was the command to Read. Thus, the duty of prophethood in the life of our Prophet was given at the age of 40.

First, his wife, Hatice, and his daughters believed in the Prophet. Later, Hazrat Ali, Zayd Bin Harise and Hazrat Abu Bakr believed.

Migration Event

The first Muslims were mocked, insulted and persecuted by the Meccan pagans. In the first years, Islam was accepted mostly among the poor and slave people. Thus, the number of Muslims began to increase day by day.


However, when the persecution and persecution of Muslims increased, our Prophet and his Companions were allowed to migrate, by Allah’s leave. Our Prophet and his companions migrated from Mecca to Medina in 622. This migration is called HİCRET in history.


Those who immigrated from Mecca to Medina are called MUHACIR, and those who open their doors and host those who immigrate are called ENSAR. During the Migration, Hazrat Abu Bakr became a companion to our Prophet. With the Hijra, the Islamic State was established in Medina.

The Wars of Our Prophet

After the Hijra, the polytheists continued to attack Muslims. In 624, the Battle of Badr was fought against the polytheists. While the polytheists lost this war, the Muslims won. The polytheists, who lost Badr, fought the Battle of Uhud one year later in 625 to take back Badr. The polytheists won the battle of Uhud after the archers assigned by our Prophet (saas) left their posts. In the Battle of Uhud, 70 Companions were martyred together with Hazrat Hamza.

After the Battle of Uhud, the two sides could not gain superiority over each other. The polytheists gathered a great strength and marched to Medina. Thereupon, trenches were dug around Medina. This war in 627 was called the Battle of the Trench because of the ditches dug. The Muslims won the Battle of the Trench. The polytheists suffered a great defeat in this war as well.

The Treaty of Hudaybiyah was signed in 628. With this agreement, the polytheists officially recognized the existence of Muslims. In 628, Heyber was conquered by our prophet. Thus, the Damascus trade route passed into the hands of the Muslims. The Muslims fought the Byzantines for the first time in 629. In 630, Mecca fell into the hands of the Muslims without even a war.

Death of Prophet Muhammad

Hz. Mohammed He went on pilgrimage for the last time with the Muslims in 632. This pilgrimage, which he went to for the last time, is called VEDA HACCI in history. In his farewell pilgrimage, our Prophet addressed 100 thousand Muslims. Our Prophet died in Medina in 623. The grave of our Prophet is located in Ravza-i Mutahhara in Medina today.

Miracles of the Prophet

Like every other prophet, our Prophet had miracles in his life. It is even said that his miracle is more than 1000. Some of the miracles of our Prophet are as follows:

    1. He went from Masjid al-Haram to Masjid al-Aqsa in a short time in one night.


    1. Splitting the moon into 2 parts


    1. Stone Hz. Talking to the Prophet


    1. After the pulpit of the palm log, which he gave a sermon, was made, Hz. The Prophet’s groaning after ascending the pulpit


    1. In the conquest of Khyber, when a Jewish woman was offered fried poisonous mutton to kill the Prophet, the sheep said that she was poisonous.


Our aim in this article is to briefly explain Hz. It was to tell the life of our Prophet. Of course, if it is written with volumes, it can be written. Because every moment and period of his life is an example for us, and it is precious.

What we have to do is to know him, to know him and to believe in what he brought as he showed.

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