The Journey of Hazrat Musa and Khidr Aleyhisselam


Dear brothers and sisters, as we continue our story series The Journey of Hazrat Musa and Khidr Aleyhisselam I wanted to add his story to this caravan. The story of Musa Aleyhisselam and Khidr Aleyhisselam is also mentioned in Surah Al-Kahf. I hope that we will be among those who buy shares and can reach the essence of the story.

Well, before moving on to the story, let’s briefly explain who the prophet Moses and Khidr Aleyhisselam are.

Who is Hazrat Khidr Aleyhisselam?

Khidr in Arabic sources huh (hadr, hydra) in Turkish Khidr , Hidir The word known as “green” means a place with plenty of greenery. acreage is synonymous with. Green is a color that has important meanings for our religion. Hazrat Khidr Aleyhisselama also mentions this name in some sources;

“When it sits on the dry ground, the grass greens and ripples under it”

Buhari, Anbiya ?,29

In some sources;

“Everywhere he steps turns green because he drinks from the spring of heaven”

Makdisi ,III, 78

recorded due.

According to the Turkish language institution Khidr :

It means to come to the aid of someone unexpectedly, to come to one’s aid, to come to the rescue, in one’s most cramped time.

The Journey of Hazrat Musa and Khidr Aleyhisselam
The Journey of Hazrat Musa and Khidr Aleyhisselam

Who is Hazrat Musa Aleyhisselam?

Prophet Moses Since the Torah, which is one of the four holy books mentioned in the Qur’an, which is descended from the Prophet Jacob, was sent down to him, and at the same time he spoke with Allah, he said:KelimullahHe is a prophet who is worthy of the title. Prophet Moses is a great prophet according to both Christianity, Judaism and Islam. He is the leader who liberated the Sons of Israel from the tyranny of the Pharaoh. TorahAlmost all of ‘ is about the history of Moses and the Sons of Israel.

About Hazrat Musa Aleyhisselam Who Is Prophet Musa Briefly? You can also get information from our article.

My dear friends, since we have made the definitions, we can start the story of the journey of the Prophet Moses with Khidr Aleyhisselam.

Hz. Moses and Hz. Khidr’s Journey

The Sons of Israel, who insulted Prophet Moses and opposed the orders of Allah, were scattered like grains of sand in the deserts. They were all alone in the vast desert in bewildered fear, each without knowing the traces of the other, not even hearing his voice.

Prophet Musa, on the other hand, was following the path drawn by Allahu Teala with a young man from his people who believed that he was the Messenger of Allah. This young man saw the needs of Prophet Moses, became a companion on his path and never left his side.

Allah’s Promise to Prophet Musa

As time turns from night to day, sublime God He gave the good news to Prophet Moses that he would meet someone with powerful knowledge and a bright heart like the sun at the junction of the two seas. Allah Almighty promised that he will learn many secrets from this son of Adam and that he will see the truth. Prophet Musa and his young comrade reached the destination by walking for days. Prophet Musa and his companion, who started to wait together on a rock, right where the two seas meet, started to fish for dinner when they got hungry in the evening. Time is ticking, but the expected wise man never came. Prophet Moses and his young companion got up and began to look for the sage. They were a long way from the confluence of the two seas, and the sun had stopped setting and they were hungry. They thought of the fish they had kept on the rock and forgotten. Prophet Moses; “Indeed, Allah made us forget the fish because He wanted us to return to the place where the two seas meet so that I could talk to that wise man.” he said, and they quickly turned back to the place where the two seas meet.

The Encounter of the Prophet Moses and Khidr Aleyhisselam

When they reached the rock, they found the old wise man waiting for them. This good-hearted scholar was none other than Hazrat Khidr.

Prophet Moses: “Shall I be subject to you for a teacher of knowledge who will guide me from the knowledge you have been taught?” said. (Surah Kahf, 66)

Hazrat Khidr: “I guess you can’t be patient and walk around with me, you won’t be able to grasp what I’ve done, you will question me. You have to endure.” said.

Prophet Moses: “I hope you will find me as a patient person. I will not oppose anything you do.” said Prophet Musa. Thereupon, Hazrat Khidr made a condition.

Hazrat Khidr: “Since you will come with me, you will not ask anything until I explain it to you.” he said and they set off on the road.

Events on the Journey

The Journey of Hazrat Musa and Khidr Aleyhisselam

Prophet Musa, his young comrade and Hızır Aleyhisselam arrived at a port by the sea. They got on a ship and set off. When the ship they boarded came to the middle of the sea, Hazrat Khidr injured the floor of the ship with a nail in his hand. The Prophet Moses feared;“What are you doing? We’re all going to drown because of you.” he objected. Khidr Aleyhisselam never got angry and never got angry. Just; “Didn’t I tell you that you can’t be patient?” Embarrassed, Hazrat Musa Aleyhisselam asked for forgiveness.

The Journey of Hazrat Musa and Khidr Aleyhisselam

When the ship approached the first port to be repaired, they disembarked. They had barely gone when they saw a child playing on the side of the road. Khidr Aleyhisselam grabbed the boy’s arm and killed him in an instant. Prophet Moses could not remain silent and; “You killed an innocent child.” said. He forgot his word and stood against Khidr Aleyhisselama. Hazrat Khidr again in a calm style; “Didn’t I say you can’t stand what I’ve done?” she asked. Hazrat Musa Aleyhisselam was embarrassed again and again asked for forgiveness from Hızır Aleyhisselam.

The Journey of Hazrat Musa and Khidr Aleyhisselam
The Journey of Hazrat Musa and Khidr Aleyhisselam

While the friends of Allah were on their way, their path fell on a village. They were hungry, and they were tired. They had neither money nor food on them. The villagers, on the other hand, insulted these friends of Allah and treated these blessed companions as beggars. Despite this situation, Hazrat Khidr repaired a wall that was almost on the verge of collapse, with mortar blackened for days. The Prophet Moses, who helped him, could not stand it at the end and said; “Why did we repair the walls of those who treated us badly, Khidr?” she asked. Khidr looked at Moses with a smile and began his words as follows: “That’s three, oh Musa. You couldn’t be patient for three. Other than that, we are separate from you. But first, sit down and let me tell you about my works that you can’t understand.” ‘ he said, and they fell to their knees.

The End of the Journey and the Explanation of Hazrat Khidr (as) to the Prophet Moses

Khidr Aleyhisselam began to explain:

The ship I injured It was the sole livelihood of a few poor and good men. If it weren’t for the wound I inflicted, they would have continued on their way and would have been caught by pirates and lost their lives in the future.”

I killed the boy. Because he was going to swear last night, he would hurt his parents and hurt. It was my Lord’s will. I fulfilled the request.”

If the wall is two orphaned children. And beneath it is a treasure hidden. If that wall comes down before I fix it, the treasure will come out and the cruel villagers will get the little orphans’ due, I renewed it.

He finished his words by saying, Hazrat Khidr Aleyhisselam. In fact, every move that Hızır Akeyhis Salam made had a meaning, but the important thing is not what Hazrat Khidr did, but why he did it.

Thanks to Musa Aleyhisselam

Thereupon, Musa Aleyhisselam turned his face to the sky, opened his palms and thanked Allah for their wisdom. He thanked Allah for the patience that Hazrat Khidr taught him. He thanked God for his existence and generosity. He opened his hands and thanked Allah for revealing his secret to this.

Surah Al-Kahf: Its Recitation-Translation

Share from the Story

In fact, no matter what the events are, no matter what the events are, one should not always focus on the visible. Although the appearance of the event is different as in the parable, even if it seems bad, the essence is important. If Khidr had not pierced the ship, the pirates would have meant the lives of innocent good people, he would have killed his parents if he had not touched the child. Especially in the last incident, if the wall had not been touched because people were doing evil to their friends, those two orphans would have been plundered by bad people. Isn’t it the same today? When we look around, people who we call very good can do bad things, while people we do not expect to do good do good things that we never expected. For him, focusing on the person and focusing on the visible side of the event does not always show the truth. The truth can sometimes be revealed later in the event. For this reason, whatever the event is, it is necessary to think in detail, not just the visible.

Thank you for your time, my friends, with greetings and prayers…

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