The Importance Our Prophet (saas) Attached to the Environment


The importance given to the environment by the Prophet

It is enough to look at the words and life of the Prophet, even superficially, not in depth, to see the importance attached to the environment.

The importance of a Muslim to the environment and the basis of his moral understanding are based on the Qur’an and the Prophet. It is the sunnah of the Prophet. Because we can see the reason for the importance our Prophet gave to the environment in the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

Raising environmentally conscious, conscious and moral individuals is one of the main goals of Islam, that is, of our religion. Islam and religion have only dealt with the issues of belief and worship, and have not overlooked the environment and other areas of life.

Yes, our religion gives orders, recommendations and warnings about every aspect of our life. Therefore, there are many issues related to environmental ethics and consciousness that we have mentioned.

Hz. The Prophet (saas) also had important encouragements, advice and orders to raise environmental awareness. He touched on the cleanliness of the environment and every issue in this context, with his words and actions, even in his own practices.

The Importance Our Prophet Attached to the Environment

Our beloved Prophet (saas) viewed the universe created by Allah with the eyes of wisdom, mercy and love, and attached great importance to the preservation of nature. It is sunnah to protect and own trees as well as to plant trees and greening them.

Our Prophet (saas) generally forbade cutting trees unnecessarily and damaging plants. He even stipulated that those who want to cut down trees for various needs, should plant new trees in place of the trees they cut.

Our Prophet (saas) encouraged the afforestation of the earth, even under the most difficult conditions. “Even if one of you has a date tree in your hand, even if the end of the world is breaking, let him plant it immediately!” (Ibn Hanbal) said.

The encouragement of our Prophet (saas) did not end there, he (saas) informed us that the trees planted will continue to benefit from the rewards of the person who planted it, even after his death. “When a person plants a tree, Allah Almighty will definitely reward him as long as the fruit of this tree is.” (Ibn Hanbal)

The Messenger of Allah (saas) always worked and gave advice to protect and beautify the environment. He also gave this awareness to the Companions. Here is our first caliph Hz. Abu Bakr The preparations for the expedition addressed his army as follows. (short part)

O people, do not be treacherous and do not betray the booty. Do not persecute people, do not kill children, the elderly and women!

Do not uproot date palms, do not burn them, and do not cut fruit trees. Do not slaughter sheep, cattle or camels (except for your need)! We can get information by watching the 40 hadiths below.

In short, the word

For the importance given to the environment by the Prophet like this we can say. He has looked at this universe, which Allah has created in an orderly and orderly manner, with the eye of wisdom, mercy and love. He personally worked for the protection of the environment and gave great importance to this issue.

It is also sunnah to work for planting and greening trees, to protect and own them. If we do it this way, we will have a share of their dhikr.

Both Hz. The Prophet (saas) also forbade unnecessary cutting and harming of trees and vegetation.

Yes, we Muslims, with the lessons we learned from the Qur’an and our Prophet, know that plants that have life remember Allah, we know them as a trust, we know that they are blessings, and we know the importance of passing them on to future generations. We also know what waste is. Thus, our Prophet realizes the importance he attached to the environment, and we look at our surroundings with this view.

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