The first condition of Islam is to bring the word of martyrdom.


Bringing the kalima-i shahada is the foundation of the religion of Islam, which is the true religion, and at the same time, it is the first condition of being a Muslim. With these expressions, we both accept Allah as God and Hz. We accept Muhammad as a prophet.

Yes, if a person is going to become a Muslim, the first thing that is desired and must be the word of tawhid.

Islamic confession of faith

“Ashhadu an la ilaha illallah wa ashhadu anna Muhammeden abduhu wa Rasûlüh” By saying this, he accepts the existence and unity of Allah and Hz. We accept that Muhammad (saas) is his prophet and messenger.

The meaning of this sentence is: “There is no god but Allah and Hz. I bear witness that Muhammad (saas) is the servant and Messenger of Allah”

Yes, when we say the religion of Islam or when we say belief, these two basics come to our minds. These sentences are the entrance gates like the gates of a palace.

Word of Tawhid

In another sentence that has the same meaning as Kalima-i Shahadat, it is kalima-i tawhid and this sentence is as follows. “La ilaha illallah Muhammadun Rasûlullâh” It means “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad (saas) is His Messenger”.

Islam is a true religion and appeals to everyone. Hz. Prophet is the last prophet who came to all humanity.

Just as there are some rules and principles in everything, our religion also has some principles. Kaim these principles and rules are easy enough for anyone to do.

Because we have a Lord, who is merciful and merciful, who burdens us with as much responsibility as we can do. He is never responsible for what we do not do, at this point there is a verse.

The religion of Islam is based on two basic principles that we do by bringing the word-i-shahada. These are Allah’s existence and together with Hz. Prophet (saas). Someone cannot come out and say, I accept Allah, but I do not accept the prophet or vice versa, we cannot talk about faith in both.

In fact, this rule is also valid for belief in Allah, angels, the hereafter, books, prophets and destiny, which are the conditions of belief. At this point, faith is a whole and we cannot arbitrarily say that we accept some and reject others.

The foundations of faith are linked together as a chain and are inseparable. The first link of this chain is to bring the word-i-shahada.

All praise be to our Almighty Lord, who created us as Muslims and brought the word of shahada. my vessel. Conditions of faith You can read our related article for what they are and their explanations.

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