The Easiest to Memorize Short Turkish Thanksgiving Prayers


gratitude prayers These are the prayers that we need to do against the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us. We have gathered these prayers together in this article.

When we look at the blessings given, we say that there are endless blessings, just as we want, there are more. A feeling of gratitude and appreciation should awaken in the conscience of every person for these blessings we have benefited from.

However, it is not enough to simply say alhamdulillah as a prayer of gratitude for these blessings that Allah has given. Because this verbal expression and gratitude must also be made in practice.

At this point, it is necessary to give actual gratitude. Thanks to the heart, Believing and knowing that Allah is the real giver of blessings, thanks to your tongue, praising God’s blessings thanks to your body, To lead a life in accordance with Allah’s consent (to perform acts of worship such as prayer and fasting) gratitude and giving alms and alms from the blessings given to us.

What is Thanksgiving?


What is gratitude? When we think of it, the following comes to mind: is to be grateful to the one who gave the blessing. (who do we have) is to respect the one who gives the blessing, to find the one who gives the blessing, to remember our servitude, not to be ungrateful, to see the greatness and bestowal of the creator, to know that he is weak and poor, that is, it is worship, which is why prayers of gratitude need to be read a lot.

Many parts of the Quran “Efela yeskurun” Are they still not grateful? he asks. Again, which of the favors of your Lord do you deny with many repetitions in Surah Rahman? he asks. This and similar verses make us grateful.

Prayers of Thanks

Morning Prayers of Thanks

prayers of gratitude
Prayer of gratitude

Allahumma maesbaha bi minnimetin ev biehadin minhalgıke, feminke vahdeke, lâserikeleke, felekel hamdu ve lekşükrü

Thanksgiving Prayer at Night

Allahumma maemsa bi minnimetin ev biehadin minhalgıke, feminke vahdeke, lâserikeleke, felekel hamdu ve lekşükrü

The difference between the prayer of gratitude read at night and the prayer read in the morning is that it is “ma emsa” instead of “ma eshaba”.

Meanings of Thanksgiving Prayers

O Lord, it is only with you that the material and spiritual blessings you have bestowed on me and your other creations are with us until morning and evening. You have no partner, we thank you with praise.

Our Prophet (saas) said for these prayers; “Whoever recites this prayer during the day will be grateful for the day. When he reads it at night, he will be grateful for that night.”

Thanksgiving Prayers

prayers of gratitude

Rabbi evzi’ni eneşkura ni’meteke’llti en’amte aleyye ve ala validyye veena’mele salihinan terdahü ve edhılni birahmetike fi ibadike’s-salihin

My God! Grant us to be grateful for the blessings you have bestowed upon me, my mother and father, and allow me to do things (deeds) that you will be pleased with, and include me among your righteous servants with your mercy.

prayers of gratitude

thank god

Al-hamdu-lillahi always and alakulli state and A’uzu billahi minhâl-i ehlinnâr

Praise always belongs to Allah in every situation and situation. I seek refuge in Allah from the conditions of the people of Hell (fire).

gratitude prayers

gratitude prayers

Alhamdulillah alâni’methyl islam. And allaevfîkil îmân. And Allah is merciful.

We thank Allah for giving us Islam as a blessing, a right faith and a right path.

Thanksgiving in Turkish

Endless praise and thanks be to Almighty Allah, the creator of the universe and sustaining it. May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh), the sayyid of all messengers, the imam of the prophet, the servant of the asfiyah, the breadwinner of the creatures and the sultan of the guides, and his family and companions.

O my Almighty God, who always treats His servants with mercy and compassion! We ask you to have mercy on these helpless and weak servants and give them to us with full faith and ingenuity.

In our hearts, You are the only One who will warn the feelings of zeal and enthusiasm for the love, forgiveness and union that will be the source of the respect that is due to Your majesty and greatness! Please do not deprive us of these blessings! please us and pleased be successful in your deeds.

Grant us loyalty, sincerity, sincerity, and to be humble, that is, to be a true servant in awe.

O Lord! you say “Pray for me and I will answer your prayers!” Here we are before you as your helpless servants and we turn to You and await your judgment from Your mercy.

We are on your luck, don’t make us one of the miserable miserables by rejecting our prayers; act and answer (accept) our prayers as you promised in your holy book!..

We salute our Master, Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh), take him and his companions, and beg them from You. Accept our prayers, our Lord!.. Amen

Hz. Advice of Ali (ra)

Ibn A’bad says that one day Hz. Ali (ra) “O Ibn A’bad, do you know what is the right of the food you eat?” said. I was like, “What is it? “O son of Abu Talib?” I asked.

Hz. Ali said, “Bismillah, O Allah, make the sustenance you have given fruitful for us.” he asked again, “What is the gratitude of food?” said. I said to him what is it, O Ali (ra). It is saying, “Praise be to Allah (cc) who gave us food and drink”.

Yes, may Allah (cc) grant us to apply these written about gratitude to our lives properly.

On the subject of verses and hadiths about prayers of gratitude from here you can reach

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