The Cause of the Mute War – History


It was built in 629 in the town of Mute, between Syria and Jerusalem, between the Islamic army and the Byzantines.

The Cause of the Mute War

Our Prophet (saas) sent envoys to all corners of the world to spread Islam, inviting every community, from tribes to states, to Islam. One of these ambassadors Haris bin Umayr subordinate to the Byzantine Empire busra (Havran) sent to the valley. But the governor of Busra Shurahbil killed the ambassador. Our Prophet (saas) was deeply saddened by the martyrdom of Haris bin Umayr and decided to fight.

The Islamic army of 3000 people was prepared for war under the command of Zayd bin Harise. Before the army moved, our Prophet (saas) said;

He gave his banner to Zayd bin Haris, saying, “If Zayd bin Haris is martyred in the war, let Jafar ibn Abi Talib take the command, if Jafar is also martyred, Abdullah bin Rawaha should take the command, if he is also martyred, choose one of you.”

Our Prophet (saas) accompanied the army on foot until Saniyyetü’l-Veda.

Mute War

“Go to the place where Haris was martyred. If there are unbelievers there, first invite them to Islam, if they accept, teach them the religion of Islam by explaining it to them. he sent them away.

The (fan) governor of Busra, Şurahbil, asked for help from Byzantium and was waiting in Mute with an army of 100,000 people. Seeing this, the commanders of the Islamic Army discussed the issue among themselves and decided to fight. And the two armies fought.

Zayd. b. Harise was martyred, then Cafer b. Abi Talib took the banner and he was martyred, and then Abdullah bin Rawaha took the banner and he was martyred. The soldiers who were left without a commander on the battlefield shouted in unison “Khalid bin Walid” and he took the banner. The war continued with all its violence until the evening.

When it was morning, Khalid bin Walid changed their positions by putting the soldiers on the right to the left, those on the left in the front, and those in the front to the right. In the morning, the Byzantine soldiers, who saw different people in front of them, started to flee, thinking that help was coming to the Islamic army.

Khalid bin Walid attacked the Byzantine army. As a result of this attack, many Byzantine soldiers were killed. 15 Muslims were also martyred in this war. The Islamic army was saved from a great danger thanks to the ingenious warfare technique of Khalid bin Walid.

Mute War Features

Muslims It is the first war between a state and an Empire.

Both sides withdrew from the war. The winner or loser of the war is unknown.

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