The Cause – Importance and Consequences of the Battle of Hunayn


Cause of the Battle of Hunayn

When our Prophet (saas) left Medina for the Conquest of Mecca, he did not reveal where he was going. The Havazin tribe had completed their war preparations, thinking that our Prophet (saas) would come against them. When the Muslims went to Mecca and conquered it, the Havazin tribe realized that it was their turn, and they defended the idea that we should attack them before the Muslims attacked us and went into an attack situation.

Brief Summary of the Battle of Hunayn

In a short time, the people of Hazin formed an alliance with other polytheist Arab tribes and formed an army of 20,000 people. Havazin leader Malik bin Awf knew that this war was a battle of life and death. He brought all the women, children and property of the tribe to the battlefield so that his soldiers could fight with all their might. He was of the opinion that either we will destroy the Muslims or we will perish.

When our Prophet (saas) heard that the polytheists were allied and preparing for war, he immediately started preparing for war and prepared an army of 12,000 men.

The Muslim army came near Hunayn. The fact that the army was so large and strong made a great impression on the warriors. Some of them even did not hesitate to go forward and say (to the extent of arrogance) that this army would never be defeated. Our Prophet (saas) did not welcome these words. It was not their numbers and strength that brought the Muslims to victory until now, but their faith in Allah and His help. Forgetting this had caused the consciousness of servitude to be damaged and always caused disasters.

Malik bin Awf had come to Hunayn with his army earlier. Hunayn was a wide valley between Mecca and Taif, in the Tihame region, with many ups and downs, narrow passages and secret roads. Malik, taking advantage of the natural state of the valley, laid his army in ambush.

When our Prophet (saas) came to the relatives of Hunayn, he made a roll call and ordered the Islamic army to order a battle. He counseled and encouraged fighting; If they show loyalty and devotion and endure hardships, they will be victorious.

Khalid b. The pioneer unit under the command of Walid moved towards the Hunayn valley. Unexpectedly, they were suddenly attacked by a massive attack. The soldiers were stunned by this sudden and relentless attack and began to turn around and run away with the girl. Fear and panic caused panic in the main army, and the army began to flee in a confused state.

Despite this, our Prophet (saas) showed a great example of heroism and endurance and went to war with a handful of Muslims who stayed with him. Hz. Abbas was holding the bridle of his horse so that no harm would come to our Prophet (saas) and was trying to break through the enemy surrounding them.

Meanwhile, the Meccans who participated in the war, when they saw the Muslims fleeing, openly expressed their feelings of joy without even hiding their feelings of joy.

Early Joy of the Meccans

Ebu Sufyan b. war;

“Now, their defeat will continue until they reach the sea. I swear the people of Havazin will beat them”,

Safwan b. Kelede, Umayya’s supposedly Muslim brother,

-“I give good news that Muhammad and his companions were defeated; Now the magic is broken today.”

Seyba, son of Osman ibn Abi Talha, the standard-bearer of Qurays who was killed in Uhud;

– He was shouting, “Today I am taking revenge on Muhammad.” He took advantage of the opportunity and sought ways to kill our Prophet (saas).

According to a narration from Jabir, the Prophet (saas) told Muslims who had fled.

“Where are you going, people! I am the Messenger of Allah, I am Muhammad b. I am Abdullah” he was calling. But no one heard, people were getting into each other, running away as much as possible. Thereupon, the Prophet (saas) next to Hz. He asked Abbas to call the Muslims. Hz. Abbas loudly;

-“O Ansar who pledged allegiance in Aqaba, come! O Immigrants, who pledged allegiance under the Ridvan tree, return! Mohammed is here! Where are you going?” she started shouting. Those who heard this call started to gather around the Prophet (saas) saying “Lebbeyk”.

Our Prophet (saas) united the Muslims gathered around him in an orderly unit and attacked the enemy. While the conflict was raging, Hz. By showing a great example of sacrifice and surrender, Ali succeeded in killing the standard bearer of the Havazin tribe. This event increased the war power and desire of the Muslims one more time. At the time when the collision became extraordinarily violent; Our Prophet (saas), saying, “Now the hearth has heated up,” took a handful of earth from the ground and threw it at the enemies. The enemy, unable to resist this decisive attack, was defeated and began to flee.

As soon as our Prophet (saas) saw the enemy starting to flee, he ordered that he be followed immediately. It started with a very vigorous pursuit of the enemy. The Havazin army was splitting into many branches and fleeing to different points, but they left the women and children they brought with them on the battlefield.

The Muslims were left with a large number of captives and booty. It was understood that the Islamic army lost 5 martyrs, while the enemy army lost 70.

Significance of the Battle of Hunayn

With the war of Hunayn , another important step was taken towards clearing the Arabian peninsula from polytheism and making oneness prevail .

Battle of Hunayn in the Quran

This war is mentioned in the Qur’an in Surah At-Tawba as follows;

“Certainly. Allah helped you in many places and on the day of Hunayn, when you boasted about your abundance, but it was useless, and the earth was narrow for you despite its wideness, and you turned your back on it” (Tawba, 9/25).

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