The Arabic Recitation of the Prayer on Friday and its Turkish Meaning


We have collected the prayers read on Friday for you. Since Friday is one of the most virtuous days, the prayers to be read at these times are valuable and closer to acceptance.

The prayers read on Friday and the Islamic world on Friday have a great meaning and importance for us Muslims, we ask forgiveness for our sins on Friday, we pray a lot and present our wishes. We read the virtuous prayers read on Friday and do the worship.

We send blessings on our Prophet (saas), we read the Qur’an, and we know that reading the Qur’an is like meeting with Allah. By giving alms, we make the needy happy, in fact, we make ourselves happy, because we know that charity drives away troubles.

Our Prophet (saas) states:

To be read on Friday
hadith on friday

In another hadith, the Messenger of Allah (saas) says:

to be read on friday
hadith on friday

On such an important day, of course, it is very valuable to pray and pray a lot. It is as important as the prayers to be read on Friday. We must be at the mosque on Friday, the one to be read sermon It is very important to listen and to be able to perform the Friday prayer.

Reading the Quran on such a blessed day is both rewarding and material and spiritual healing. At this time, it is very virtuous to read the time of kahf, to read the surahs of yasin, duhan and conquest.

Prayers read on Friday

Repentance is always very valuable, but reading at this special time is even more valuable. When we think of repentance, we think of the prayer of Sayyidul Istighfar. Let’s read it..

Sayyidul istighfar prayer
Sayyidul istighfar prayer

Allahummeente Rabbi lailaheente halakteni ve en abduke wa ene alaahdike ve va’dike mesteta’tu. Euzubike minsharri masana’tu Ebu lek bini’metike aleyye ve ebu’u usenbi with fagfir, fe innehu layağfiruz – zunübe illa ente

My God, you are my Lord. There is no god (except) you. You created me and I am your servant. And I am on your covenant (my promise) as much as my obedience (power) is sufficient in my faith and servitude.

My God! I seek refuge in You from the evil that I have done: And I confess (openly) the blessings you have bestowed upon me. I also admit (openly) and confess my faults and sins. O Lord! forgive me, forgive me. Because there is no one who can forgive these sins except you.

Prayer on Friday

to be read on friday
prayer on friday

O my God, who is Ghani, Hamid, Mubdi, mu’id, Rahim, Vedud. Convince me of what you have made lawful, and do not fall into the unlawful. Do not make me dependent on anyone other than you by bestowing your bounty!

Apart from this prayer, another prayer reported by our Prophet (saas) read on Friday is this.

to be read on friday
Friday prayer

For the healing Ayşe, who came from our mother, Hz. We can add the following prayer of the Prophet to the prayers read on Friday.

healing prayer
prayer for healing

Ezhibil-be’se rabben’nasi şfi ve enteş’şafi laşifae illa healinguke healing layuğadiru sekame(n)

So: O Lord of people, this disease will go away! Heal, for you are the healer. There is no healing other than that which you will give (bestow). Heal (us) in such a way that nothing
leave no disease (trace).

May Allah accept our prayers and prayers. May he not separate us from the path. Because we are both weak and poor, there are many physical and moral enemies that harm us.

We can only get rid of these weaknesses and enemies and find the direction with you. If so, give us grace, grace and generosity, my God. Thousands Amen..

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