The Age of Ignorance – General Situation of the Pre-Islamic Arabian Peninsula


Ignorance is an Arabic word and means ignorance. The period of Ignorance is the name given to the pre-Islamic period of the Arab society. It is used as an expression in both the Qur’an and hadiths to distinguish the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of the Arabs before Islam from those of the Islamic period.

Ignorance period, in other words, Hz. It is also referred to as the period leading up to the Prophethood of our Master Muhammad Mustafa (saas) after the Bible that was sent to Jesus (ra) was destroyed.

What is the Age of Ignorance?

The most common belief that appeared in this period was paganism. The most worshiped idols are; Lat, Menat, Hubal and Uzza His idols were in the Kaaba. Beliefs other than paganism, Christianity, Judaism and Hz. There were those who believed in Abraham (ra) (Hanif).

People were nomadic and settled. For those who live a nomadic life Bedouinpeople living in cities civil it was called. While the livelihood of the people living a nomadic life was livestock, the tribes living in the settled life made their living by agriculture and trade.

Arabs lived in tribes and there were ongoing blood feuds between these tribes. For this reason, political unity could not be achieved.

The looting was at its peak. People were attacking each other’s tribes and forcibly extorting the property of the weak. There was no force to prevent it.

There were class differences among the people. People were despised because of their skin color and were used as slaves. They were bought and sold like a commodity.

Girls didn’t matter. The birth of a daughter was considered a disaster and a disgrace. They were buried alive and killed. Women could not claim any right to inheritance. They were bought and sold for money.

Prostitution was very common. If a man wanted, he could send his wife to another man and have sexual intercourse with him and even ask him to have a child.

When women were so worthless, men could marry more than one woman. Drinking, gambling, taking interest, and usury were not uncommon in this period.

The Arabs, who were constantly at war due to their blood feuds, did not fight during the so-called haram months, they traded by organizing entertainment and competitions in the fairs they established.

Considering all these, the period of Ignorance is a period in which the orders and prohibitions of the Almighty Creator Allah (cc) are forgotten, all the bad things he forbids are done the most, and the religions he sends to his servants are changed and destroyed. Ignorance, disbelief, rebellion are at the highest point.

Thanks be to Allah, with the advent of Islam first revelation All these bad beliefs and morals came to an end with happiness has begun. Happy are those who follow the century of happiness. Trust God, my dear.

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