Table Prayer


table prayer It is made by believers for the blessings of Allah to be blessed. At the same time, these prayers are expressions of gratitude.

Let’s give information about a couple of issues before we start the topic of table prayer. Since the beginning of every good deed is “Basmala”, we should say “Basmala” before meals. Thus, we remember that that blessing came from Allah and He gave it to us. At the end of the meal, we say Alhamdulillah and thank the one who gave us these blessings.

Let’s not forget that if we give thanks, we seek blessings. Gratitude in the true sense can only be achieved with a quality faith and contemplation. Our duty is to always praise our Lord, who bestowed these blessings upon us.

Knowing that he is the one who gives real blessings, we thank those who are instrumental in blessings, as well as not forgetting Allah, who sent those blessings to us, and to be more grateful than the means. thanks require to.

The prayer of the arts

A beautiful table prayer that everyone can memorize;

The table is light, the house is prosperous, by accident, stand back. May the arts not decrease, may they overflow, may God bless them. My God. O Allah, do not show poverty to those who work and earn money, those who cook, those who eat, those who say thank you, those who give to the poor, those who love their country and religion.

Make the rest of our life better than our past, O Lord. my god! You are forgiving, you love to forgive, forgive my mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, brothers and all Muslims, O Lord.

Amin Ve Selamün Alel-Mürselîn Vel-Hamdü Lillâhi Rabbil-Âlemînel. Al Fatiha


“Blessing Celilullah, Bereketi Halilullah, Intercession Ya Rasulullah, Bismillahi is hungry My God, Blessing is overflowing, My God, Deliver it to your beauty, my God, Mecca, take Medina around my God, These tables are light, Accident troubles, Stop it, my God, This tables are full.

At these tables; Blessings of Halil İbrahim, O Allah, Let the Art not decrease, Let it not overflow, The owner of this table, May poverty not see famine, My God, Halal for those who eat, Good for those who eat, For it to happen; For the souls of our dead, For the sake of Allah, Al-Fatiha

Food Prayer Published on the Official Site of the Presidency of Religious Affairs

table prayer

One of the Companions, Abu Said al-Khudri (ra) tells: If our Prophet (saas) ate or drank something, he would recite the following prayer.

food prayer
food prayer arabic

I think it would not be wrong to say that human beings came to this world to give thanks, because gratitude is one of the greatest principles of our religion. These prayers, which are table prayers, are a means of gratitude.

One of the Companions, Jabir (ra) says, I heard the Messenger of Allah (saas) say, “When a person enters his house and recites the basmala (read) without eating, the devil says to his followers, ‘You can neither spend the night nor eat here’.

If that person does not say basmala before entering the house, the devil says, ‘You have found a place to spend the night’.

Then, as Muslims, let’s say basmala at dinner, and after we eat, let’s give thanks by praying for the table. May Allah make us one of those who make these prayers.AMINE…

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