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Surah Tabbat was revealed during the Meccan period and has 5 verses. As a word, tebbet means dry up, down with you.

Surah Tabbat is the 6th sura in the order of the 111th inzal (descension) in the Qur’an. According to rumors, Allah (swt) Hz. When he ordered the Prophet to warn his relatives and invite them to Islam, he went up to Safa Hill and called his relatives from the Quraysh tribe and preached Islam. However, Abu Lahab, who was the uncle of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), was angry and dismissive of this message and said, “As long as it will dry up! Did you call us for these?” Surah Tebbet was sent down. (Bukhari)

Surah Tabbat in Arabic

Surah Tabbat
The verses of Surah Tabbat

Turkish pronunciation of Surah Tebbet


Tebbet yedâ ebî lehebin ve tebb. Mâ agnâ ‘anhu maluhû ve mâ keseb. Seyaslâ nâran zâte leheb. Vemraetuhu hammalete’l-hatab. Fî cîdihâ hablun min mesed.

Meaning: In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Merciful. Abu Lahab with his hands (both hands) dried up, and neither his wealth nor what he earned did him any good. (did not save) (He) will enter a flaming fire. And his wife, with a wooden porter (and), With a twisted rope around her neck (he will enter the fire).

Meaning of Surah Tabbat

This is Hz. Those who acted hostile towards him, especially Abu Lahab, the uncle of the Prophet, and his wife, are to be criticized. The bitter end of those who rely on money and power like them is announced.

Although Abu Lahab was the uncle of the Prophet (pbuh), he did not believe in the Prophet (saas) and always made great hostilities with his wife. There are many examples in the sirah.

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) went around the fair and led people to Islam. Invitation However, Abu Lahab would immediately follow him and introduce himself to those present and say that he was a liar. (Kurtubi, XX, 236)

The house of the Messenger of Allah (saas) was owned by two polytheists, namely Abu Lahab and Ukbe b. It was in the middle of the houses of Abi Muayt. These polytheists would bring all their filth and leave it in front of the Prophet’s (pbuh) door. Seeing this, our Prophet (saas) was hurt by the ugly behavior of his neighbors and said to them, “O sons of Abdi Manaf! What kind of neighbor is that?” he would reproach.

Once, Hz. Hamza saw this situation and took the dirt from his hand and poured it over his head. His wife, Umm Jamil, would not be behind her husband in tormenting him. Every day he would collect thorny tree branches and put them on the roads where our Prophet (saas) would pass so that they would sting on his feet, and he (saas) would step on those thorns like cotton and walk without anything.

It was about those who tortured husband and wife, the time of Tebbet was sent down. When Umm Jamil heard this surah, she took a large stone in her hand and started looking for the Prophet (saas). At that time, our Prophet (saas) Hz. They were in the Kaaba with Abu Bakr (ra). Hz. When Abu Bakr (ra) saw her;

a miracle “O Messenger of Allah! This is an ugly woman. It’s Umm Jamil. I wish you had left without this woman tormenting you!” said. Our Prophet (saas) said, “He cannot see me!” said.

That’s what happened. Even though Umm Jamil came near them, she could not see anything. After counting and tossing, he pulled away.

Abu Lahe’s death is also very exemplary. He could not participate in the Battle of Badr, and he was devastated when he heard that many notorious polytheists died in that war. He contracted a disease like smallpox a week after the war.

Even the relatives of those in the house were afraid of the disease and contagion and could not touch it. So much so that even three days passed after his death, no one could approach him. His corpse began to stink of rotting.

Everyone denounced their sons, their sons only paid some blacks (slaves) to have his body removed and buried. In another narration, they had a ditch dug and pushed his body with a stick and dropped it into that ditch and covered it with earth.

Thus, he benefited neither from his wealth nor from his sons.

Surah Tabbat is a miraculous surah

See, when we look at the time of what is told in this surah, Abu Lahab and his wife were still alive. That is, they could have said that we believed as husband and wife, even if it was a lie, and they could have denied the verse. But they could not and in verse The stories that were told turned out to be true miracles.

Abu Lahab’s his daughter was a Muslim and migrated to Madina, his sons Utba with Muttalib They converted to Islam after the conquest of Mecca.

When the Messenger of Allah (saas) set out on a journey, he said, “Whoever recites this Surah (Tabbet), it is hoped that Abu Lahab and him will not meet in Hell.” (Tafsir of Abu Saud)

If a person who is afraid in his sleep reads it three times before going to bed, he will get rid of this problem.

If you want to defeat the enemy, this surah is read 1,000 times.

There is also Surah Tebbet among the suras read for diseases. A patient reads or has this surah read 7 times with the intention of healing. In the same way, Surah Tebbet is read 3 times to the person who is read for the evil eye.

This short surah is one of the suras that must be memorized. For, whoever wants to be protected against the oppressor and the enemy, what he will do is to memorize this surah.

Memorizing strengthens memory. Especially memorizing such blessed words, which are the words of Allah, will add a lot to us both materially and spiritually. my vessel…

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