Surah Nasr and Its Meaning – Dua Surah Verse


Surah Nasr was revealed during the Medina period and has 3 verses. Nasr literally means help. It is also known as izacaenesrullahi among the people.

Surah Nasr is the 110th in the order of the Qur’an. It is rumored that this surah was revealed in Mina during the Vedic pilgrimage. In Surah Allah (swt) Hz. It is told that after the victory and conquest that the Prophet bestowed, people entered Islam in groups (fevc fevc).

Surah Nasr in Arabic

Surah Nasr

Turkish Recitation and Translation of Surah Nasr

İzâ cae nasrullahi ve’l-fethu. And raeyte’n-nâse yedhulûne fî dinillahi efvâcâ. Fe sabbah bi-hamdi Rabbike vestağfirhu innehu kane tawwaba.

Meaning: In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Merciful. When Allah’s help and victory (victory) come, And when you see people entering Allah’s religion in waves (small groups), immediately glorify your Lord (remember His excellence and exaltation!) and His forgiveness (forgiveness) say it. Because He is (always) accepting of repentance.

The Meaning of Surah Nasr

The help of Allah expressed in this surah is the help of Allah (cc) against the Makkan polytheists and all their enemies. It is to help the Prophet in every way and to lead him to victory with conquest. In other words, Islam has been interpreted as the perfection and finalization of the religion.

The conquest of Mecca, which is the conquest of conquests (the expression of Razin), of the word “Fatih” in the chapter of Nasr and the Prophet. All the conquests granted to the Prophet are understood.

Before the conquest of Mecca, people were converting to Islam in small numbers one by one. After this help from Allah and the conquests, people started to convert to Islam in groups.

According to the histories, when our Prophet (saas) conquered Mecca, the Arabs said, “Hz. When the Prophet Muhammad (saas) was victorious over the people of the Harem, no one can oppose him from now on,” and they decided to enter Islam without making a war.

Delegations came to the presence of the Messenger of Allah (saas) from all over the Arabian Peninsula in groups and accepted Islam by paying allegiance to him. So much so that when the Messenger of Allah (saas) made the Farewell Pilgrimage, all of Arabia was united under a single flag and almost no polytheists remained.

Hz. Our mother Ayşe (ra) narrates. Before the death of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), “Subhânekallahumma wa bihamdike ve astağfiruke ve etubuileyk”, that is, “I praise and glorify Allah. He often used the phrase “I ask Allah’s forgiveness (mercy) and repent to Him”.

O Messenger of Allah! You often say these words to him, what is the reason for this?” I asked. He (saas) said, “Allah had informed me that I would see a sign (sign) in my ummah. When I saw this sign, he ordered me to say this rosary a lot. Because I saw that sign,” he said, and recited Surah Nasr to me. (Bukhari)

Hz. This is the Prophet (saas) for sure He is reported to have died some 80 days later.

The Virtue of Surah Nasr

Whoever reads Surah Nasr, Hz. The rewards of those who are with Muhammad (saas) are given. (Hadith-i sharif-Kadi Beydavi Commentary)

Fahreddini Razi (ra) said: “Surah Izacae (Nasr) is the surah of believers. When a believer recites this surah, Allah (swt) makes his work easier, to your enemies He is victorious, does not suffer from problems of livelihood and forgives his sins by accepting his repentance.

Scholars have said: “Anyone who cannot afford to read Surah Fatah should read Surah Nasr (izacae).”

Surah Nasr is read 1000 times for the acceptance of every wish.

This short surah is one of the suras that must be memorized. For, whoever wants to be protected against the oppressor and the enemy, what he will do is to memorize this surah.

Memorizing strengthens memory. Especially memorizing such blessed words, which are the words of Allah, will add a lot to us both materially and spiritually. Then let’s memorize Surah Nasr.. Vesselam…

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