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Surah Maun was revealed in Mecca and has 7 verses. It takes its name from the word mahogany, which is expressed in the last verse and means “zakat, and to help”.

The Mahogany Surah is in the 107th rank of the Qur’an, and in the 17th rank in the order of descent. It was revealed in the Meccan period before the Surah Kafirun. The Mahogany Surah is also called “Eraeytellezi” and “The Religion Surah”.

Although the Surah Maun appears to be a short one, like seven verses, it contains important issues. One of the main issues care for the orphans and the poor the other is not praying for showTruck.

Mahogany Surah in Arabic


Mahogany Turkish Recitation and Translation of Surah


Eraeytellezi yukezzibu bi’d-din. Fezâlike’l-lezî yedu’ul-yetîm. And la yehuddu ala ta’ami’l-miskin. Feveylun lil-musallîn. Ellezînehum an salâtihim şahûn. Ellezînehum yurâun. And Yemna’ûne’l-mâ’un.

Meaning: In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Merciful. Have you seen him who denied the day of judgment (day of punishment and reward)? Here he repels (contempts) the orphan. It does not encourage feeding the poor. So woe to those who pray! They are heedless of their prayers (do not take them seriously). They perform (prayer for) show off. And they refuse even the slightest help (zakat).

Why was Surah Mahogany revealed?

It has been stated by many that the reason for the descent (descension) of the Maun Surah is Abu Jahl. There are also people like Abu Sufyan, As b Vail es Sehmi, Velid b Aiz, who were famous for being stingy and dealing with orphans, in the narrations.

One day, an orphan boy went to Abu Jahl to meet his needs when he was in distress and asked for help from him. The prominent polytheists of Quraysh, who were together, made fun of that child, and they took this situation as an opportunity and sent that child to Hz. They sent Muhammad (saas).

Because those polytheists knew that Hz. Muhammad (saas) would not turn away the needy. Besides, since he has nothing, he will not be able to give it to that child, and he will make fun of him by taking advantage of this situation. they would.

Hz. Muhammad (saas) listened to that child, then took him by the hand and took him to Abu Jahl and asked him to meet the child’s needs. Abu Jahl, on the other hand, unwillingly fulfills this request. Thereupon, when the polytheists told Abu Jahl that you had gone astray, Abu Jahl said to them, “It’s not like you said no”. But he said such a thing that I was horrified and thought that if I did not do what he said, I would perish. says.

However, according to Süyuti’s statement, the chapter of maun was revealed about hypocrites who prayed to show off and abandoned the prayer when they left the believers.

Who are the people mentioned in Surah Maun? The ungrateful people who deny Allah’s blessings are those who disobey their orders and deny the Day of Judgment and punishment. The addressees of the verse are those who despise the orphans and the poor and abuse their rights, as well as the hypocrites who worship for show off by mixing this worship for the sake of Allah (cc) and not for the sake of Allah. It has been reported that people who have any of these characteristics expect torment and destruction.

Mahogany Virtues of Surah

This the time The word of a person who reads regularly is valid and effective for everyone. So he becomes a person with dignity.

It is said that if people who break a lot of things in their house start their work by reading the mahogany surah 3 times, none of their belongings will be broken.

Reading this surah 41 times, he sees our great prophet in his dream.

Whoever reads Surah Maun and gives his zakat, Allah (swt) will forgive him.” (Kadi Beydavi)

If it is read 41 times on a young child, that child will be protected from disasters.

In general, if you read the meaning of both this surah and other suras 2-3 times, you will understand the subject much better. Let’s memorize these Durations. Is it difficult or not, as long as there is an intention, there will be a way, a convenience.

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