Surah Kevser Recitation in Turkish – Meaning


The Surah of Kevser was revealed during the Meccan period. It is 3 verses. Kevser means a lot of goodness and abundance. At the same time, St. It is also the name of a pool peculiar to the Prophet (saas).

According to the order in the Qur’an, the surah of Kevser is the 15th sura as the order of descent (descend), in the 108th place. The surah describes the blessings given to our Prophet (saas) both in this world and in the hereafter, and he is ordered to be a servant of Allah and to sacrifice an animal. It is also reported that those who call him extinct are actually cut off.

Arabic Pronunciation of Surah Kevser

Turkish Written and Pronunciation of Surah Kevser

Bismillahirrahmânirrahîm. 1- İnnâ a’taynâkel kevser 2- Fesalli lirabbike ven har 3- İnne şânieke huvel’ebter

Surah Kevser Turkish Meaning

Meaning: In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Merciful. (O Messenger of Allah) we have certainly given you Kevser. Pray and sacrifice to your Lord. The one whose real end is cut off (extinct) is your enemy (who hates you).

The reason for the descent of Surah Kevser

There are various narrations about the reason for the descent of this surah (i.e. the reason for its revelation).

The primary of these narrations is about As bin Vail. This person was talking to the Prophet (saas) standing up. After a while, when the notables of Quraysh asked him who he was talking to, he said: “Ebterle!” (meaning cut off).

Among the Arabs of that time, the word Ebter was a word spoken to fathers who lost their son after both daughters and sons were born. Prophet (pbuh) His two sons, named Kasım and Abdullah, who were from Hatice, died at a young age. Similar returns are reported among other polytheists. However, the verse states that they are the real eternity.

Our Prophet (saas) “in lineage” honor continued. Today, in many different parts of the world, there are too many descendants of him. sayyid and Sheriff are available. The Ummah of Muhammad loves them to your bosom is printing.

The virtues and secrets of Surah Kevser

If Surah Evser is read 100 times, Allah will give its wish.

If you read it 100 times, in your night dreams, Hz. The Prophet sees our master. In another narration, a person recites the Surah of Kevser in Bindafa on Friday night, and then brings salawat to the sheriff and sleeps with ablution in his place, he sees our Master the Prophet (saas) in his dream.

The heart of the person who reads Surah Kevser every day will fill and overflow with good feelings.

Provided that it is legitimate, if it is read 100 times while it is raining for need and praying with sincerity, what will it be like?

Anyone who wishes to wake up early in the morning and at any time (for example, morning prayer, etc.) recites Surah Kevser 3 times before going to bed, it will achieve the desired purpose.

Reading it daily on a daily basis curbs the grudges of the enemies against it.

It has been stated in some places that Allah Almighty says, “I swear to my glory that whoever reads this surah with faith and hoping for his reward, I will forgive him.

If a person writes the Kevser Surah and carries it on him, he will protect himself against all kinds of danger.

Whoever reads Surah Kevser, Allah (swt) will make him drink Kevser water in Paradise.

Of course, let’s know in such prayers sincerely In other words, it is essential to wait and pray from Allah sincerely. With greetings and prayers..

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