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Surah Ikhlas was revealed during the Meccan period and has 4 verses. As a word, Ihlas means to be sincere, to be sincere (true) to religion. A believer as described in this surah will be a believer who has fully accepted the belief of tawhid.

Surah Ihlas is the 22nd sura in the order of 111 inzal (descension) in the Qur’an. There is also a rumor that it was revealed in Nas Medina.

Those who say that it was revealed in Mecca, those who are polytheists from Mecca, Hz. They came to our Prophet (saas) and said that they said, “Tell us about your Lord,” and on these words, they bring proof that this surah was revealed (Musnad).)

Those who say that it was sent down in Medina were also the same as that the Jews and Christians were at that time. As an answer to the questions asked of our Prophet (saas) about Allah, Gabriel (as) asked Hz. They gave evidence that he came to our Prophet (saas) and brought the “surah of ikhlas”. (Tabari)

Arabic Recitation of Surah Ihlas

Surah Ikhlas
Surah Ikhlas

Turkish Writing and Pronunciation of Surah Ihlas

Bismillahirrahmânirrahîm 1- Gul huvellâhüehad 2- Allâhüssamed 3- Lem yelid ve lemyûled 4- Velem yekünlehû kuküven ehad

Turkish Translation of Surah Ihlas

Meal. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Merciful. Say: He is Allah alone. Allah is samed (everything is in need of Him, and He is not in need of anyone). He did not give birth and was not born. And nothing can be His equal.

Virtues of this Surah

Hz. Our Prophet (saas) importance He said about his virtue and virtue: “I swear by the One in Whose Hand my existence is (by Allah), that the chapter of ikhlas is equivalent to one-third of the Qur’an” (Bukhari))

A Companion who recited this surah in every prayer, Hz. Our Prophet (saas) conveyed the good news that “Loving him will take you to Paradise”. (Tirmidhi)

Anyone who reads the verses of ikhlas 50 times a day will have his sins forgiven for fifty years. (Darimi, 3481)

If someone recites Surah Ihlas 11 times while leaving his house to go on a journey, Allah will protect his house until that person returns!”

If someone enters his house and reads İhlas-ı Şerif at that moment, he will not see poverty. It has also been said (The person who reads Ikhlas 100 times while sleeping will enter Paradise.) (Tirmidhi)

Reading Ihlas ve Muavvizeteyni (falak and Nas) 3 times in the morning and evening will be protected from troubles and troubles. (Tirmidhi)

On the day of Arafa, all the sins of those who read Surah Ihlas 1000 times with Basmala are forgiven and every prayer is accepted. (Abu-sh-sheikh)

Ihlas verses and Mu’av-vizetayn 7 times after the Friday prayer (catastrophe Allah (swt) protects the one who reads Surahs (Surahs and Nas) from accident, trouble and bad deeds for a week.

A person who reads Surah Fatiha and Ihlas before going to sleep will be safe (safe) from the harm of everything except death. (Ibn Abdulbar)

It should be both an easy and a task for us to memorize and recite these valuable suras with sincerity. Because life is short, so let’s go after what benefits us.

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