Surah An-Nas and Its Meaning – Dua Surah Verse


Surah Nas was revealed during the Medina period and has 6 verses. Nas literally means people.

Surah Nas is the 114th sura in the order of the Qur’an and is the last surah. It is the 21st sura in the order of inzal (descension). It is explained in the surah to seek refuge in Allah from the evil of jinn and humans who insidiously lead people to evil.

The name of Surah Nas is mentioned in the first verse and people It comes from the word nas, which means. with this “Kuleûzû birabbi’n-nas” and with Surah Falak “Muavvizeteyn, Mukashkisteyn” also with their names known.

Surah Nas in Arabic

Turkish Recitation and Translation of Surah Nas


Gul e’ûzu bi-Rabbi’n-nas. Melik’n-nas. Allah’s-nas. Min şerri’l-vesvâsi’l-hânnas. Ellezî yuvesvisu fî sudûri’n-nas. Mine’l-cinneti ve’n-nas.

Translation: In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Merciful. Say: I take refuge in the Lord of Nas (people). To the owner (ruler) of the people, to the (true) god of the people; From the evil of that sneaky whisperer who whispers bad things to people. It is he who gives delusions (bad thoughts, doubts) on people’s breasts. Both jinn and humans (I seek refuge in Allah from the evil of delusions.)

Meaning of Surah Nas

Surah Nas, which was revealed as a continuation of Surah Felak, is an enormous (prayer) verse recited to seek refuge in Allah from the evils of the jinn and the devil, which puts delusion into people’s hearts.

Nas and Felak Surahs are read together and it advises to seek refuge in Allah from evil and evil. It is stated in these surahs that it is possible to get rid of all kinds of evil and trouble that we see or do not see, only by the infinite power and mercy of Allah.

This surah was revealed at a time when the polytheists of Mecca were storming the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) with all their might to destroy Islam. In addition to treacherous methods, the polytheists did not hesitate to resort to magic.

Allah Almighty sent these two surahs to protect His Messenger and all believers from the harms of such evil people and their helpers, the devils.

While it is mentioned in the Falak Surah that there is a refuge from the evils that may arise from magic and envy, in the Nas Surah it is a matter of being protected from the evil (evil) of those who delve into people’s hearts.

In the first 3 verses of the chapter of Nas, the attributes of Lordship, Sovereignty and Divinity are described while ordering to take refuge in Allah Himself. The evil ones that need to be sheltered behind are told.

Those who want to lead people astray and bring bad things to them can be invisible beings (jinn), as well as demonized people walking among people. reported.

The Virtue of Surah Nas

Uqba bin Amir (ra) narrates that once while traveling with our Prophet (saas), we were caught in a severe storm. Hz. The Prophet told me to read Surah Falak and Nas. Then O Uqba, take refuge in Allah with these two suras, because no servant can take refuge in Allah with anything more virtuous than these!

It is said in the hadiths that read Surah Ihlas, Felak and Nas three times in the morning and in the evening! These are enough for you.

Hz. Our mother Ayşe says about these surahs: Hz. When the Prophet (saas) would obey, he would recite Surah Ihlas, Felak and Nas, then blow into his hands and pat his body with his hands.

It has been said that a person who makes it a habit to constantly read Surah Nas will always be in good health and well-being. If it is read against the evil eye, it will find healing.

If this surah is recited for someone who is now breathing his last, his soul will come out of his body easily. Whoever reads while going to bed to sleep will be safe from the evil of jinn and devils. He sleeps with a comfortable sleep without worry and fear.

What we have to do is to memorize the last ten suras of the Qur’an, especially with the Surah Nas. Because each of them has many virtues and beauties.

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