Stops in the Quran – Dua Surah Verse


Stops in the Quran

Stops in the Quranshows us where to stop and where to pass while reading. These stops are called foundations. Foundation: At the end of any word while reading the Qur’an it is to stop and breathe and then continue reading.

Foundation signs too The Holy QuranThese are the stop signs placed on the words at the end or in the middle of the verses. Foundation signs are also called secavend. These signs have different meanings.

Stops in the Quran and Their Meanings

What is Sajavend?

Secavends are similar to punctuation marks in Turkish. These signs have been placed taking into account the meaning of the place read. These signs were first used by Muhammad b. Tayfur es-Secâvendi put it. Together with some signs that were put later, all of them were called Secavend after his name. For this reason, the names of the stops are as follows.

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