Short Verses from the Holy Quran and Their Meanings


Our aim with short verses is to see and show other verses besides the ones we know. As Muslims, we should always know our Holy Book in every way.

As short verses, we have chosen both prayer verses and verses that we may always need. I hope you will be pleased.

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Short Verses


Verse 201 of Surat al-Baqara and its Turkish Meaning

“Ve minhum men yekûlu rabbenâ atinâ fid dunyâ haseneten ve fil âhirati haseneten ve henna azâben nâr(nâri)”

“O our Lord! Grant us goodness in this world and in the hereafter, and protect us from torment.”

The Recitation of the 250th Verse of Surat al-Baqara and its Turkish Meaning

“Rabbena efriga aleynâ sabren ve sebbit ekdâmenâ vensurnâ allel kavmil kâfirîn(infidel)”

“O our Lord! Pour patience on us, keep our feet firm, and help us against this infidel people.”

Recitation of the 16th Verse of Surah Al-i Imran and its Turkish Translation

“…rabbenē innenē ēmennē fağfir lenē zünûbenē veginē azaben-nâr”

“Our Lord! Surely we have believed, so forgive us our sins and protect us from the torment of the fire!”

Recitation of the 126th Verse of Surah Araf and its Turkish Meaning

“Rabbenâ efrig aleynâ sabren ve taeffenâ muslimîn(muslimine)”

“O our Lord! Pour patience on us and take our lives as Muslims.”

The Recitation of the 47th Verse of Surah Araf and its Turkish Meaning

“Rabbenē lē tec’alnē meal gavmiz-zâlimîn”

“O our Lord! Do not keep us with the wrongdoers!”

Recitation of the 85th Verse of Yunus Surah and its Turkish Meaning

“Fe kalû alallahi tawakkelnâ, rabbenâ la tec’alna fitnaten lil our people zâlimîn (zâlimîne)”

“We put our trust in Allah alone. O our Lord, do not subject us to the oppression and violence of the wrongdoers!”

Short Verses

Recitation of the 40th Verse of Ibrahim Surah and its Turkish Meaning

“Rabbic’alnî mukîmas salâti ve min zurriyyetî rabbenâ ve takabbel dua (duâi)”

“My God! Make me a person who continues to pray. create such people my descendants. Our Lord! Accept my prayer.”

The Recitation of the 41st Verse of the Surah Ibrahim and Its Turkish Meaning

“Rabbenagfirlî ve li valideyye ve lil mu’minîne yekûmul hisâb (hisâbu)”

“Our Lord! Forgive me, my parents, and the believers on the day of reckoning.”

Verse 10 of Surat Al-Kahf Reading and Its Turkish Meaning

“Rabbenâ atinâ min ledunke mercy ve heyyi’ lena min emirna reşeda (from resha)”

“O our Lord! Grant us a mercy from Yourself and make it easier for us to reach salvation and righteousness in this situation we are in.”

Recitation of the 89th Verse of Surah Anbiya and its Turkish Meaning

“Rabbi la tezernî individual ve ente hayrul heir (his heir)”

“My God! Don’t leave me alone. You are the best of heirs”

Short Verses and Their Meanings

Recitation of the 97th Verse of the Mu’minun Surah and its Turkish Meaning

“And the slave rabbi eûzu bike min hemezâtiş seyâtîn (shayâtîni)”

“O Lord! I seek refuge in you from the delusions of the devils”

Recitation of the 98th Verse of the Mu’minun Surah and its Turkish Meaning

“And audhu bike rabbi en yahdurun (yahduruni)”

“O Lord! I seek refuge in you from their being with me.”

Recitation of 109th Verse of Mu’minun Surah and Its Turkish Meaning

“Innehu kane ferikun min ibadi yekûlûne rabbenâ amenna fagfir lena verhamnâ ve ente hayrur ​​rahımîn (râhımine)”

“O our Lord! We believed, forgive us, have mercy on us, you are the best of those who show mercy.

prayer verses

Surah Furkan 65. Verse Pronunciation and Turkish Meaning

“Vellezîne yekûlûne rabbenasrif anna azâbe hell inne azâbehâ kane garâmâ (garâmen)”

“O our Lord! Take away from us the torment of hell, its punishment is a constant destruction.

Reading the 66th Verse of Furkan Surah and Its Turkish Meaning

“Innehâ sâet mustekarren ve mukâmâ (mukâmen)”

“Surely, what a bad station and what a bad mansion it is.”

Reading the 74th Verse of Furkan Surah and Its Turkish Meaning

“Vellezîne yekûlûne rabbenâ heb lenâ min ezvâcinâ ve zurriyyatinâ kurrete a’yunin vec’alnâ lil muttekine imâmâ (imâmen)”

“O our Lord! Make our wives and children the light of our eyes and make us leaders of those who fear Allah”

Recitation of the 34th Verse of Azhab Surah and Its Turkish Meaning

“Vezkurne mâ Yutlâ fî buyutikunne min âyatullahî wal hikmeh (hikmeti), innallâhe kane latifen habîrâ (habiren).”

“Remember the verses of Allah and the wisdom recited in your homes. Surely, Allah is all-knowing and all-knowing.”

SearchVerse 23 of Sura f Reading and Its Turkish Meaning

Kalâ rabbe-nâ zalem-nâ enfuse-nâ ve in lem tagfir-lena ve terham-nâ le nekûne enne min el hasirîne.”

“O our Lord! We have wronged ourselves. If you do not forgive us and show mercy to us, we will be among the losers.” they said.

Short Verses

Verse 3 of Ankebut Surah and Its Turkish Meaning

“Ve le kad fetennellezine min kablihim fe le ya’lemennellahüllezine sadaku ve le ya’lemennel kazibin.”

“Or do the evildoers think they can escape from us? How badly they rule!”

Recitation of the 62nd Verse of Anfal Surah and its Turkish Meaning

“Ve in yuridû en yahdeûke fe inne hasbekallah (hasbekallahu), huvellezî eyyedeke bi nasrihi wa bil mu’minîn (mu’minine).”

“And if they want to cheat you, then surely Allah is enough for you. It is He who supports you and the believers with His help.”

Short verses are useful for both memorization and prayer It is important to note. What we have to do is to memorize and recite samimane.

Trust God, my dear.

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