Short Turkish Prayers for Kids that are Easy to Learn


In this article, we have compiled beautiful and easy-to-learn short prayers for children. Let’s start with the prayer of benefiting from these prayers.

The concept we call prayer is not only for adults but also for children. For this reason, we should teach our children the prayers for children at a young age and encourage them well. In this article, we have brought together prayers for this purpose.

prayers for children

Prayer to be recited upon waking from sleep

O my God! Thank you for opening my eyes and waking me up on this beautiful and wonderful day.

Thank you for making my body healthy and giving goodness.

On this day of my life, bring goodness and goodness, and bring goodness to the evening as you brought us to the morning. Amine.

Prayer Before Sleeping

O my God! With your help we reached the evening. We seek refuge in You from evil and troubles.

Accept my good deeds and good deeds, forgive my mistakes, you like to forgive.

May Allah grant me and my loved ones to wake up to a better day when I wake up. Amine.

Prayer for Protection Against Evil

my god! You protect me, my family, my friends from evil.

If you protect us, no one can do anything to us. Your strength is enough for everything. Amine.

Prayer for Relief from Fear

O my God! Surely, you are all-seeing and all-hearing, all-powerful, and protect me from what I fear.

You take away my fears and grant me peace. Amine.

Prayer to Relieve Sorrow and Troubles

my god! You are omnipotent because there is no end to your power, we only beg you to let your sorrows and troubles go away.

Because we know that you hear our voices and see us. Help us. Amine.

Healing Prayer for Children

O my God! You have the cure for every problem and the cure for the disease. You heal my diseases. Cure our troubles.

Let us get rid of the diseases that we have, to be healthy, and when we are healthy, let us know the value of our health. Amine.

Prayer for Requests

O my God! You are so exalted and generous, and you do not turn away empty hands. I just want your help too.

You have the power to give my wishes and now I expect a good result from you, make me reach my wishes. Also, keep away from me the things that will hurt me. Amine.

Prayer for Our Mother and Father

O my God! Have mercy on my parents who raised me. Protect them as my mother and father loved and protected me.

Give them goodness, beauty and blessings in this world and in the hereafter. Protect me, my mother, my father, all my loved ones from evil and favors give. Amine.

Good Friendship Prayer for Children

O my God! Make me a friend to good people and make me a loved and trusted person among my friends.

Let us not harbor hatred, jealousy, enmity among us, be compassionate towards each other and love each other. Amine.

Thanksgiving for Children

O our Lord, who feeds us and keeps us alive. Thank you for the blessings you have given.

Grant us a good life and plenty of halal sustenance. Give health and wellness. Amine.

Prayers for children we wrote briefly. We hope it will be useful to everyone. prayers We recommend that you read our section.

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