Short Prayers – Easy to Memorize Turkish Prayers for Children


Short prayers are important prayers for all of us to read and memorize. Because many doors are opened with prayers, as long as we know what he wants.

What are short prayers? We have researched and gathered these prayers to benefit. Let’s memorize and recite these prayers as much as we can.

Short Prayers

Prayer to be recited upon waking from sleep

my god! Thank you for helping me wake up on this beautiful day.

Thank you for making my body healthy. Fill my day with beauty and goodness.

Bring goodness to the evening as you have brought us to the morning. Amine.

Prayer Before Sleeping

my god! We arrived in the evening with your help.

I seek refuge in You from all evils and troubles. Accept my good deeds, forgive my mistakes.

When I wake up, grant me and my loved ones a better day than today. Amine.

Prayer for Protection Against Evil

my god! You protect me, my family, my friends from evil.

If you protect us, no one can do anything to us. Your strength is enough for everything. Amine.

Prayer for Relief from Fear

my god! You are all seeing and hearing.

Protect me from what I fear. You take the fears in me and grant me peace. Amine.

Prayer to Relieve Sorrow and Troubles

my god! You enough power for anything.

We beg you to let your sadness and troubles go away.

We know that you can hear our voice. Help us. Amine.

Short Prayers Prayer for Healing

my god! You do not give an incurable disease.

Let’s create a cure for every problem. Heal my diseases.

Allow me to get rid of diseases, to be healthy, and to know the value of my health when I am healthy. Amine.

Prayer for Requests

my god! You do not turn empty hands that are opened to you.

I want your help too.

I have done everything that fell on me and now I expect a good result from you.

Me my trouble reach it. Keep away from me the things that will upset my heart and hurt me. Amine.

Prayer for Our Mother and Father

my god! Have mercy on my parents who raised me.

Protect them as they protected me.

Grant them goodness, beauty and blessings both in this world and in the hereafter.

Protect me, my mother, my father and all my loved ones from evil. Amine.

Prayer for Good Friendship

my god! Make me a friend to good people.

Make me a loved and trusted person next to my friends.

Do not harbor hatred, envy, enmity between us. Grant us to be merciful to one another and to love one another. Amine.

Prayer for Gratitude

O my Lord, who feeds us and keeps us alive!

Thank you for the blessings you have given. Grant us a good life and plenty of halal sustenance. Give health and wellness. Amine.

I wish to read and memorize these short prayers. Acceptable prayer times Click the link to read how long.

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