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His Holiness Seyda Muhammed Konyevi

His Holiness Seyda Muhammed KonyeviHe was one of the well-known scholars of Konya. Seyda Muhammed Konyevi, one of the well-known scholars not only of Konya but also of Turkey. Naqshbandi he was one of his mentors. Seyda Muhammed Konyevi, who was treated in a hospital in Istanbul due to her illness, could not be saved despite all the efforts of the doctors and died at the age of 80. It is not yet clear where and when Muhammed Konyevi’s body will be buried.

A statement came from the Kevser Education Foundation against this news of his death. This statement is as follows; “His Holiness Muhammed Konyevi, one of Turkey’s well-known scholars and Naqshbandi mentors, passed away in the hospital where he was being treated in Istanbul. His Holiness the Sultan’s body will be taken from Istanbul to Konya this evening. Although there is no exact time, the burial will be held once the body reaches the dervish lodge in Konya. Those who want to be in Konya can be in the dervish lodge during the morning prayer. May Allah raise the rank of our Sultan.”

Seyda Muhammed Konyevi Died

His Holiness Seyda Muhammed Konyevi He was a religious scholar loved by many people. The leader of the welfare party, Dr. Fatih Erbakan also sent his condolences on his social media account. Apart from this, AK Party Konya deputy Ahmet Sorgun is among the people who wish his condolences on his social media account. In his message, Sorgun said, “I wish God’s mercy on our teacher Seyda Muhammed Konyevi, who has attained the Most Merciful, and I wish patience to her family and fans. Rest in peace.” He used his expressions.

Who is His Holiness Seyda Muhammed Konyevi?

Muhammed Konyevi was born in 1942 in Konaklı village, which is connected to the center of Mardin. He learned to read the Quran when he was only five years old and later learned it. As it can be understood from the fact that he had memorized the Qur’an at a young age, he was very interested in both learning science and Islamic life. After graduating from primary school, he helped his family work before he started learning science.

Muhammed Konyevi, loved by those around him, began to attract people’s attention with his sharp intelligence at a young age. After learning science in different provinces, he came to Konya in 1994 and settled here. In the Reyhani village of Konya, he did science and works in the way of Allah, telling people about Allah’s orders and the Sunnah of our Prophet. He made an effort to be instrumental in helping people save both their hereafter and their world. His fans got to know him by the name of Seyda. His Holiness Mohammed Konyeviby mother Hz. OmarHe is known to be a descendant of .

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