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The name Salam is one of the most beautiful names of Allah. It means the one who bestows mercy and blessings on his servants, makes them safe and brings them to safety.

The name of Selam is used in the lexicon of the sheriff to stay away from both physical and spiritual diseases, deficiencies and defects. If we look at it as a name of Allah, it is described as “the one who is free from all kinds of deficiencies, faults, impotence, poverty, and is the source of peace and gives peace”.

From the Companions Hz. As Anas (ra) narrated, the Messenger of Allah (saas) said, “Salam is one of the names of Allah. Allah has placed him on the earth (for greetings). Then spread the greetings among you” (Edebu’l-Mufred 989)

As-Salam Name Sharif

If we write this name, which is a source of peace, security and peace for us, under headings;

He is the one who bestows mercy and blessings upon his servants and makes them safe.

His personality is one who is safe from faults and faults, protects his servants from all kinds of dangers, and brings them to safety.

He is the one who protects his believing servants from torment on the Day of Judgment and greets his servants in Paradise.

He is the one who keeps us safe from all kinds of failures and events.

He is the one who brings us helpless servants to salvation from all dangers.

The lucky one who reaches Paradise is the one who greets his servants.

What does the name hello mean?

The name Salam is mentioned together with the 6 names listed in the 23rd verse of Surah Hashr. However, it is attributed to Allah in the sense of “to attain salvation, to be in peace”.

In verse 58 of Surah Yasin, it is stated that Allah will greet those who enter Paradise either directly or through angels.

In some verses of Surah Saffat, Hz. Allah’s greetings are attributed to Noah, Abraham, Moses, Aaron, and İlyas and all the messengers mentioned in verse 181. However, the greeting and submission of believers to Allah is found in about 15 verses.

Hello Name Meaning

names of god

The salam in the expressions we read as Allahumma enta’s-salâm and minke’s-salâm is mentioned as the name of Allah and it is stated that the source of peace is Allah.

Hz. The Prophet said, “Don’t say ‘Peace be to Allah,’ because Allah is the salutation itself. According to Islamic scholars, the share that a servant will receive from the name of salutation is that he reaches Mevla with a sound heart.

Selim’s heart means the absence of grudge, hatred, betrayal, bad intentions and envy, and having good intentions towards Muslims.

Salute Name Virtue

The phrase “Ya Selam Celle Celalühü” is read 131 times in order to be protected from troubles and calamities, to be sure of material and moral troubles, and especially to get rid of delusions.

121 times to any patient “Ya Salam Celle Jalaluhu” If it is read, that person, if his time has not come, will be light and healed by the grace of Allah.

A person who continues this name by saying “Ya Selam Celle Celalühu” will not suffer the difficulties of death and will be protected from demons.

If a single person continues to read 131 times a day by saying “Ya Salam”, he will be blessed with marriage in a good time. If a married person reads it, a happy marriage will last a lifetime.

Salam Name Abced Value

This name means safety, security, well-being and it means making sure of all kinds of disasters, which brings out all kinds of faults in safety, and the abjad value of this name is 131. The dhikr is made according to this number. The dhikr hour passes as the Sun.

As-Salam Prayer

O Lord, you are the one who is infinite in power and who is free from weakness and is safe. You are the one who brought us safely from extinction to the realm of existence. From sins, harams and evils safe and sound hold our hearts!

Resurrect us with those who surrendered to you and came to salvation! You are Salam, greeting is from You. Make us proud with your greetings in heaven! Uterus Have mercy on us with your name sheriff.. Amen… Amen… Amin… Ecmain…. Es Salamun Alaikum and Rahmetullah Eternal Forever…

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