Respect for Elderly People and Prayer of the Elderly


Receive the prayers of the elders

The prayers of the elderly are so precious that Allah answers their prayers and they are the ones to whom He bestows and honors them. Their spiritual values ​​are the bridges that stand between the past and the future of our culture.

It is a religious duty to be in the prayers of the elderly and to respect them. They are the source of abundance, the means of mercy and compassion. Let’s not forget that if we have our share, we will grow old and be like them and we will be treated the way we are treated.

See how the Messenger of Allah (saas) teaches us a lesson. Mecca had just been conquered, their longing had ended, and they had returned to their homeland from which they had been expelled by tyranny. Everyone hugged each other and thanked God.

Hz. The closest friend of the Prophet (saas) and his migrating companion, his faithful friend, Hz. Abu Bakr immediately went to his father. Because he wanted Islam to be included in it very much. He immediately took his father and brought him to peace.

When the Messenger of Allah (saas) saw Abu Kuhafa, whose hair and beard turned white due to old age, and whose eyes were difficult to see, he humbly and respectfully said to him with a smile, “Wouldn’t it be better if this old man had stayed in his house, if you hadn’t been tired, we had gone to him?”

Respect for the Elderly

We are human, that is, we are human, we have family ties and we live in constant contact with our environment. This is a nature and human condition. In old age, this need and family commitment increase.

At such a time, removing and excluding the elderly from the bonds of life leads them to unhappiness and loneliness. However, an elderly person who is respected, well respected and whose opinion is valued always knows himself as peaceful and safe. It gets rid of the troubles, problems and depressions caused by being alone and abandoned.

Of course, our parents are among those who most deserve this attention, love and support. Hz. The Prophet (pbuh) said, “The Lord’s consent depends on the consent of the parents, and even his anger depends on the anger of the parents.”

The compassion and respect we show to our parents is of particular importance in old age when they need a peaceful home the most. Meeting the needs of the elderly by their side at the most sensitive time of their lives and being in the prayers of the elderly are among the most important factors that will conduce us to Allah’s approval.

Isn’t it a great mistake and disloyalty for a child to leave his aged parents orphaned? Indeed, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) spoke about a person who was not able to enter Paradise because one of his parents or both of his parents got old and could not gain their approval. “You rub your nose on the ground” He pointed to the state of such a person by saying.

Besides, “He who does not show mercy to our younger ones and respect our elders is not one of us.” The hadith (Bukhari) commands us to respect the elderly.

Where is this high morality of our religion and respect for the elderly, where is the situation of the elderly in places like Europe?

Prayer of the Elders

Hz. The Prophet (saas) said, “Be careful with your weak and needy (old people). Because you will receive help and sustenance only through your needy.” (Abu Dawud). Again, “If it were not for the bent-back old (old people), babies suckling, and animals grazing, (disaster) would have rained on you.”

Not to offend the sensitized feelings of the elderly, from old age We should try to welcome some situations that may happen because of them and to receive their blessings. And we should not forget that their existence is instrumental in the expansion of our sustenance and the shielding of troubles and calamities.

We must be diligent in receiving the prayers of the elders. For, it is stated in a hadith that Allah is ashamed to reject the prayer of an old person who clings to Islam.

Let’s end with the following hadith: “If a young person respects an old person because of his old age, Allah will prepare someone who will respect him in his old age.”

Be entrusted to Allah with the prayer of being in the prayer of the elderly. A Muslim person does not seek shame or fault. We recommend that you read our article on the subject.

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