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Dear friends, in this article repentance I will share a good story about it. I hope you will like it and impress you as it did me.

A Story

According to the opinion of Muslims, a person who rose to the level of parents and later recognized him with his good deeds and clean morals, tells us about his state before he set out on the right path with these exemplary words:

“I used to be a bandit. I used to live on the top of the mountain, block the way of people passing by, and make my living with the passenger goods I bought at gunpoint and bullying. While walking by the Tigris river with a friend from the gang, I saw two date palm trees here. One of these trees was fruity and the other was always dry.

While I was looking closely at the date palm trees, I noticed a bird walking between these two trees. The bird first arrives at the wet date tree, the fruits of which hang down in clusters, with a few dates in its beak, reaches the dried date tree, after spending some time among the dry branches, it comes back to the fruity date tree again, and then after taking the fresh and ripe dates in its beak, the bird again He was flying somewhere between the branches of a dry date palm tree. It caught my attention that the bird flew from tree to tree without stopping and carried the dates it took from the fruit tree among the branches of the dry tree. Wondering what could be the reason for this, I climbed the dried date tree. Climbing the tree, I saw that a blind snake was lying between the branches of the dry tree. Flying from tree to tree, the bird carries the fruity date palm to the blind snake and provides the blind and helpless snake’s food among the bare branches of the dry tree.

Then I thought to myself: Lying among these dry branches, the living being is a blind snake. Because it was harmful to people, the Prophet allowed and allowed him to be killed on sight.


Bandit’s Regret

While this is the case, Allah Almighty has given his sustenance even for him. With the help of the bird that flew from tree to tree, he brought the date palms of the tree with him. I, on the other hand, am a person who sincerely believes in the existence of Allah without partners. Despite this, I earn my living from forbidden and unjust places, as if I have forgotten that I am a servant of a merciful God, whose existence gives sustenance even to a blind snake among dry branches.

How wrong I was. From now on, let me repent forty-one times for all the sins I have done, now I will leave banditry and earn my living in halal ways. “O my merciful God! Forgive me by giving me my heaps of past sins! Allow me to digest your straight path and become a worthy servant of you!” I have firmly decided to stop banditry.

My gang mates heard me say something light. They are next to me. They were asking what I was saying. One by one, I told them about the helpless blind snake that I saw among the branches of the dry tree and the bird carrying dates to it, and informed my friends that I had decided to give up banditry completely and earn my livelihood through halal ways, in the face of what I saw. With the effect of what I told them, they couldn’t hold back their tears either.

They all agreed with me to leave banditry. Thus, together with my gang mates, we left the road-blocking process and said goodbye to the ways that Allah has made halal to make our living. We returned to our homes that we had not visited for years.


What is repentance?

It is a state of regretting a sin or crime committed and deciding not to do it again. repentance. Prayer of Repentance On the other hand, it is to inform the Almighty Creator, Allah Ta’ala, about this decision he has taken due to repentance, and to ask for forgiveness.

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