Repentance Prayer – Recitation Prayer


repentance, Do not regret a sin or crime you have committed and decide not to do it again. Repentance Prayer, On the other hand, it is to inform the Almighty Creator, Allah Ta’ala, about this decision he has taken due to repentance, and to ask for forgiveness.

The essence of repentance is regret. The regretful person first feels great remorse for his mistakes, mistakes and crimes. Then, with this regret, he opens his hand to Allah (cc) and asks for forgiveness. To make a righteous and acceptable Repentance, Prayer of Repentance should be made and then Prayer of Repentance must be read.

Repentance Prayer

It can be performed in the form of 2 rak’ats.

The intention is made by saying “I intend to perform the prayer of repentance for the sake of Allah”. Saying “Allahu Akbar”, the takbir is taken and the prayer begins.

– “Subhaneke” prayer is read. -After that, “Euzü-Basmele” is drawn and “Surah Fatiha” is read.

-After that, a surah from the Qur’an is recited, and the 1st rak’at is completed by performing the ruku – straightening – the 1st prostration – the sitting- and the 2nd prostration in order.

– Stand up and stand still. -“Basmele” is read and “Surah Fatiha” is read.

-A surah is read from the Qur’an. -Ruke – straightening – 1st prostration – sitting and 2nd prostration and sitting again, in order.

-During sitting, “Ettehiyyatu – Allahumme Salli – Allahumme Barik and Rabbena Prayers” are read.

The prayer is completed by saying “Es salamu aleykum ve rahmat’ullah” and saluting first to the right and then to the left.

Repentance Prayer

“Astagfirullah, Astagfirullah, Astagfirullah, Astagfirullah, Astagfirullah,

El – Azim, el – Kerim, er – Rahim ellezi la ilahe illa hu al-hayye’l Kayyum ve etub ilayh

Ve es’eluhu’t tawbate ve’l mağfirete ve’l hidayette lena innehu huve’t tawabu’r-ahim

Repentance abdin cruelin li nafsihi la Yemliku linefsihi mevten ve la lifeen ve la nuşura

Allahumma enta Rabbi la ilaha ente Halaktani wa ene Abduke wa ene ala ahdike wa va’dike mesteta’tu. Euzü bike min şerri ma sana’tu Ebu lek bin ni’metike aleyye ve ebu’u bi zenbi fağfirli, fe innehu la Yağıfiruz – zunübe illa ente

Amentü billahi ve melaiketihi ve kutubihi ve rusulihi ve’l yevmi’l ahiri ve bi’l qadar good and commentary minallahi Teala ve’l Ba’su bade’l mevti hakkun.

Eşhedü en la ilahe illallahu ve Eşhedü enne Muhammeden abduhu ve Rasulûh. La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah.”

Repentance Prayer Turkish Meaning

“My God! You are my Lord. I believed and trusted you. I took refuge in you. I opened my hands and turned to face you. I came to your door, accept me as your servant. In Adam, I believed in all the prophets, books, angels and the Hereafter.

I have regretted all the sins I have committed so far. I promise not to do this again. Forgive my sins, forgive me, do not separate me from your servitude, do not turn my hands empty, do not throw me out of your door, O Lord, do not abandon me from my bad habits. grant meat.

Don’t be a devil. Give me the strength to endure. Protect me from the torment of hell, include me in your paradise. Grant us to be neighbors to our Master the Prophet in your Paradise.”

Verses About Repentance

Mealen in the 39th verse of the Surah Maide; “Whoever repents after committing unjust acts and corrects himself, Allah will accept his repentance, and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.”

In the 54th Verse of Enam Surah, it means; “Those who believed in Our verses, when they come to you, say to them: Peace be upon you, your Lord has made it obligatory upon Himself to have mercy upon him.

In the 53rd verse of Surah Zumer, it means; “Say, My servants, who have exceeded the measure against them, do not despair of Allah’s mercy. Surely, our Lord forgives all sins. For He is merciful and forgiving.”

In the 32nd verse of Najm Surah Mealen; “There is no doubt that Allah’s forgiveness abounds for those who avoid major sins and ugly deeds except minor faults.”

In the 133rd and 135th verses of the Surah Al-i Imran; “Again, when they do a sinful deed or wrong themselves, they remember Allah and immediately ask for their sins to be forgiven. Who but Allah can forgive sins, those who do not persist in their sin knowingly.”

A Story About Repentance

One morning, our Prophet (saas) met his muezzin Bilal. called and to him:

-“Bilal! What deed did you do to get into heaven before me? Last night in heaven, I heard your shoes rattling in front of me.” Bilal (ra):

– O Messenger of Allah! Whenever I commit a sin, I immediately get up and pray two rak’ahs, and when my wudu is broken, I immediately perform ablution. He said, “Every time I make wudu, I think that Allah has the right to pray two rak’ahs on me and I perform them.” Thereupon, our Prophet (saas) said;

They said, “Thanks to this”. (Ibn Huzeyme, Sahih, II, 213 (1209)

May Allah grant all Muslims the ability to sincerely and sincerely repent on time.

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