Religious Parable about the Right of Servant


When we say the right of the slave, that is, the right, two terms appear in Islamic sources, one is the rights of Allah, which we call Hukukullah, and the other is the right of the slave.

When we say the right of slave, it is someone’s unjustly trying to obtain something that does not belong to him, regardless of his method, which is an important and very important issue in our religion.

For example, stealing, cheating in measuring and weighing, betrayal of trust, gambling, usury, embezzlement and embezzlement, murder, slander, mocking, backbiting, bad nicknames, false accusations, seeking fault, backbiting. we can say a lot.

In a hadith, sins are divided into three: those that can be forgiven, those that cannot be forgiven and those whose forgiveness is conditional. It has been declared that the first of these is the sins that the servant has committed against Allah, the other is denial and shirk, and the last is the sins that have the right of the servant. (Musnad, VI, 240)

Here, we must be very careful about the right of the servant, because we cannot say that Allah forgives, forgiveness is conditional. So the right if any forgiveness is looking at that person, the only way is to be halal with him.

A Story About the Right of Servant

One of the Companions, Hz. Anas (ra) narrates that; We were together with the Messenger of Allah (saas). For a moment, he smiled until his molars were visible. When we asked about his wisdom, they said:

Two people from my ummah came to the presence of Allah (swt). One of them said, “O Lord, this person has the right of slave, take my right from this and give it to me”

Upon these words, Allah said to the other, “Give me the right of that servant”.

The man said, “Oh my God. I have nothing left in my merits,” he said.

Allah Almighty said to the person who demanded the right of slave, “This man has no reward, what do you say? “He commanded.

Then the man said, “Then let him take it from my sins”.

While our Prophet (saas) was describing this incident, his eyes filled with tears and he said, “It is a very big day and people demand that their sins be taken away.”

Upon this request of the man, Allah commanded the person who has the right, “Lift up your head and look at heaven”.

The man said, “What kind of a place is this, there are mansions and these mansions are made of pearls, silver and gold. These mansions are for which prophet, siddiq or which martyrs?”

Then Allah says, “All this is for those who pay me”.

“Who can pay for these?” said.

Allah (swt) said, “If you want, you can have them”.

The man said, “How can this be, Lord?” He said, “By donating to this man what is rightfully yours.”

Man “Then I Forgave That”said.

Then Allah (cc) said, “Take your friend and enter Paradise together”

After explaining this, our Prophet (saas) said, “Fear Allah, fear Allah and make things right among yourselves. See, the Prophet (pbuh) finds himself among the believers.

Yes, we do not know if the right of slaves is always like this, maybe there will be those who insist on their rights and insist that they take my sins. Our duty is to find a way to say goodbye and to solve this issue here, if there are rights of people while we are here.

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