Religious Parable About Sweet Language and Beautiful Speech


sweet language and good speech

If we say sweet language and nice speech, I’m sure everyone will say yes, this should be in everyone. Because this issue is more important and more important than many things.

Sweet language and nice speech bring us closer to the other person and make us love him, while a sullen and hurtful person may alienate the other person from himself, maybe even make him hate him. What they have to say is unheard of. Then this situation is of great importance for a Muslim.

How true is the saying that the language one should learn is sweet language. There is also a saying about this subject, “The sweet tongue pulls the snake out of its hole”, meaning that there is nothing you can’t achieve with a sweet tongue. With such a language, it is explained that communication and expression style will not do any harm and will have many benefits.

In other words, if we say that there is a harm in speaking nicely, everyone knows that it will never be harmful. So, what we Muslims do is not to be sullen and harsh, but to be soft-spoken and good-natured.

Muslim is sweet-tongued

Let’s look at the matter from this perspective. Every Muslim is obliged to serve and convey the religion. It is extremely wrong to say that guiding and conveying people is only the work of religious officials. Then the first condition for teaching is soft language and good speech.

This means that every Muslim should serve Islam in a positive way in a constructive manner. This service should not be vindictive and harsh, it should be endearing and good news, so that it will have an effect.

The Qur’an mentions this issue as follows: “Call to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good advice! In other words, Almighty Allah says to all of us in his person.

Hz. The Prophet (saas) always spoke convincing words with a smiling face and a sweet tongue, and he would not be harsh. So much so that being a smiling face is charity. From the Companions Hz. Jabir (ra) says, “I have never seen anyone smile more than the Messenger of Allah (saas).”

Religious Parable About Sweet Language and Beautiful Speech

Scholars have said that it is important not what you say but how you say it, Sir, this is the story, one of the sultans dreamed that his teeth were falling from front to back. He was very impressed by his dream and sent the most famous dream interpreters to his palace to interpret it.

One of the famous interpreters told them about the dream, “My Sultan, you will live so long that you will see all your children die. Hearing this, the Sultan turned sour and enraged that he had him imprisoned.

Another person behind him said, “My Sultan, Allah will give you such a long and fruitful life that you will see the happiness and happiness of all your children and you will live a long life from them.”

The Sultan is very happy with this phrase and bestows a lot of gold on him. In fact, both phrasemen had expressed the same thing, but while one of them was a doomsayer, the other He said it with a sweet tongue, filtering the mind and heart.

How nice our ancestors said, “The best treat for a guest is with a smiling face and a sweet tongue. They also said that the smiling Sirkeci used to gather customers with his soft tongue. The sour-faced honey seller could not sell his honey and kidnapped the customers.

Why? Because someone has honey in his hand, but vinegar on his face; the other has vinegar in his hand, but his face and tongue are sweet as honey. Then let’s not harm them by selling the honey-like truths and beautiful things of Islam with vinegar for a hundred.

Let’s not forget that sweet language and nice speech are essential, but it is also essential to speak the truth. lie I mean not to make tawassul.

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