Religious Parable About Repentance – The Situation of the Repentant Killer


We will tell a story about repentance. Repentance is God’s gift to us. What would our situation be like without repentance?

Many things can be said about repentance, of course, the first thing that comes to my mind is the most obvious difference between Adam and Satan. Because the devil did not repent and entered a path that the end of which is disaster, Hz. As for Adam, repent and take a path, the end of which is mercy.

A parable about repentance

It share of the story Narrated by Abu Said (ra). “The Prophet (saas) said:

There was a man who was among those who lived before you and killed 99 people. This man once called the most knowledgeable person on earth. A priest was described to him.

He went to this nun and asked if he had killed ninety-nine people, and whether there was a door of repentance for him.

The priest said to him, “No! Upon this word, the man killed him as well and completed his murder to the face.

The man continued his search for the most knowledgeable person in the world. While searching, a scholar was described to him.

This time, he went to him and asked if he had killed a hundred people and whether there was any possibility of repentance for him.

The scholar said to him, “Yes, there is repentance, who can be a curtain between you and repentance?

Added after. But you have to go to your hometown. There are people who worship Allah there. You will go there and worship Allah with them and you will not go to your hometown again. Because it is a bad place.

The man repented and set out. On the way to the described place, Hz. Azrael (as) came and took his soul. After that, the angels of mercy and punishment disagreed about who should get him.

What will be the result?

The angels of mercy said, “This man came in repentance. His heart was directed towards God.

The angels of torment said, “This man did nothing good.” While the angels were quarreling in this way, another angel in human form came. The angels made him their judge among themselves.

The angel who was the judge said to them: “Measure the distance between the place where he first went and the place where he is going, and hand over to whichever side is closer”

The angels measured and saw that it is one span closer to the land of the good that they desire to go. As such, the angels of mercy took him immediately.” Source: (Bukhari, Anbiya 50)

As seen in this narration about repentance, repentance it is so sweet and merciful. Blessed is that person who realizes his mistake and repent.

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