Religious Advices of Our Prophet (saas) for Pregnant Women


We have compiled and brought together for you the religious advice of our Prophet (saas) for pregnant women. In these times, we should take care of our health and read these prayers.

In this article, you will find the Prophet’s (saas) religious advice for pregnant women, prayers to be recited and recommended behaviors.

Our Prophet’s Advice to Pregnant Women (Advice)

Hadiths of Our Prophet for Pregnant Women

Our Master the Prophet says: “Pregnant women should eat dates in the last months of pregnancy so that their children will be of good moral character and patience.” (Ramûzul-Ehâdis)

Imam Ghazali tells in one of his legends. “It has been narrated that a tribe/community complained to their prophet about the ugliness of their children. Thereupon, Allah said to that prophet; ‘To them; Advise their pregnant wives to feed them quince, for this fruit gives beauty to children.’ He revealed it.” (Ihya, IV/278)

The Prophet’s (saas) religious advice for pregnant women is reported as follows: “The child of a pregnant woman who eats melon will be of good moral character and beauty.”

There is no tree more valuable to Allah than the tree (date) under which Mary, the daughter of Imran, gave birth. When your women give birth, feed them fresh dates. If you don’t have fresh dates, eat dried dates. (Abu Ya’la – Abu Nuaym)

When one of you is going to have sexual intercourse with his wife, “Bismillah, Allahumma jannibne’sh-shaytana wa cennibi’sh-shaytana ma razektena” and if it is appreciated to have a child from this relationship, the devil (and demons) cannot harm that child. (Bukhari)

– When a woman becomes pregnant, it is written as if she fasted during the day, prayed at night and fought in the way of Allah. No one knows the reward he received while he was in labor. Every time she breastfeeds her child after birth, she gets the reward as if she saved a life. (Ramûzul-Ehâdis)

Prayer for an Easy Birth

Our Prophet (saas) had Umm Salama and Zeynep bint Jahsh read this prayer at the birth of our mother when her daughter Fatima (ra) went into labor pains. (Ibn Sunni, p.232, No: 625)

With the intention of giving birth to the woman who will give birth safely and easily, First of all, Ayete’l-Kursi read, then (Falak and Nas) Surahs is read. After these, the following verse is recited:

“Inne rabbekümullahüllezi halekas semavati vel erda fi sitteti eyyamin sümmesteva allel arşi yuğşil leylen nehara yachtlübühu hasisev veş şemse vel camera ven nücume müsehharatim bi emirh la Allah lehül rabbarabu vel emr.”

Meal; Indeed, your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then ascended to the Throne. He is the one who covers the day with the night that constantly chases him, and subdues the sun, moon and stars at his own command. Just so you know, the creation and the command are (only) His. Exalted is Allah, the Lord of the worlds. (Surah A’arf, 54)

Religious Advice for Pregnant Women

  • Always trying to be ablutions. Particular care should be taken when eating.
  • Eating regularly and giving importance to cleanliness during pregnancy.
  • Trying to be protected from all sins.
  • Paying attention to doing things that are mustahab.
  • To be peaceful and calm, not to be nervous.
  • Trying to listen and read the Quran.
  • A juz of the Qur’an is recited every day during pregnancy, so that nine hatims are completed during pregnancy.
  • after every prayer repentance – repentance to bring.
  • When the baby moves, the hand is placed on the tummy. salawat brought andto read the time of ikhlas.
  • To look at the faces of believers.
  • Stay away from backbiting and lying.
  • Paying attention to performing prayers on time.
  • Constantly remembering and meditating on Allah.
  • Helping people.
  • Giving the child a good name.
  • Surah Yasin to make marshmallows on tefriciye and tuncina by being read a lot.
  • Talking to the child before and after the child is born so that the mother and father have a very good relationship, bond and dialogue with the child.
  • 34 times after prayers “Allahu Akbar”33 times “Hallelujah” and 33 times “Subhanallah” continue their rosaries.
  • If you want your child to be patient, put your hand on his stomach and sure asri must be read.

May Almighty Allah make our children good children. May the Qur’an make him one of the servants who cool with the breeze of the Hadith, justice and naivety of the Messenger of Allah, illuminated by the sun, and run in the way of Allah. May God grant us the grace to take them in our arms and raise them with the best. Let him not test us with the pain of a child.


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