Prophetic Miracles: Poisoned Goat Meat


We continue to tell about the miracles of the prophet. There was a Jewish woman living in Medina. She knew the Torah well and she had been reading it for a long time. He was also aware of the arrival of the prophet named Ahmet, whose name is mentioned in the Torah.

In fact, not only him, but all Jews knew the prophet and the person whose name was Ahmet in the holy book Torah, and at the same time they were waiting for his arrival.

One day, this woman made a plan to Hz. He invited Muhammad (pbuh) and his favorite friends to dinner. She devised a plan, she. According to the plan, I will poison the food and let them all die so that both the Jews and the Medinans will be saved. she said.

On this plan, he slaughtered a goat, then made a nice meal from the meat of that goat and added poison to the food. His Holiness to the prophet He sent a message and said, “O Muhammad, you and your friends are invited to a great feast with us.

No matter who the Prophet (saas) was, he would not refuse invitations to him. He did not refuse the invitation of this woman. He accepted this invitation together with some of his friends, especially Hazrat Abu Bakr.

Meals were prepared, tables were set, just when they were about to start eating, Hz. Our Master Muhammad (saas) suddenly told his friends to stop. All the Companions stopped and removed their hands from the table.

Cooked Goat Talking

They began to wait, wondering what the beloved prophet would say. He told them that this cooked goat tells me he is poisonous.

Yes, that goat that was cooked came to the fore and to our prophet He said, “O Messenger of Allah, I am poisonous, please do not eat from me.” They immediately called the landlady and asked her why did you do that.

If it was a woman, she said, I thought about you, if this man is after kingship or if he is a liar, we will get rid of him.

Yes, Muhammad (saas) is the last messenger sent by Allah and he has clearly demonstrated this once again with this event. Even his enemies believed in his sure and correct dictionary and could not object. What happened next? According to a rumor, the beloved Prophet (saas) forgave that woman.

This is how Hz. The Prophet (saas), even the dead, know and respect him. Of course, we humans can never be behind them in terms of being subject to and respecting him.

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