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Hazrat Rabia is a blessed lady. Rabiatül Adeviyya square in Egypt takes its name from this lady. Here is the story of Rabiatül Adeviyya, a lesson to us…

Hazrat Rabia is one of the great female saints who grew up in the time of the Tabi’un (those who saw the Companions). Since she is the 4th child of her family, they named her Rabia, which means this.

He was born in 714 or 718 in the city of Basra. The fact that it is known as Adeviyya is due to its relation to the tribe of Kays bin Adi. Her ID is Ummul Hayr.

Rabia, who was orphaned at a young age, had to be separated from her siblings due to the famine in Basra at that time. After that incident, he was bought as a slave by an old man and began to serve him.

one night to his Lord,God, you know that my desire is to carry out your orders. If I had the opportunity, I would not hesitate for a moment to worship you. However, since I serve an old person, I cannot worship you as I should.” he prayed. His master heard this prayer and, realizing how blessed he was, he freed him from slavery.

Thereupon, he decided to leave there and go to Hajj and joined a caravan. His asceticism and piety showed itself at a young age, and he did not deviate from this path throughout his life. They saw this situation in those who were in the caravan.

Hazrat Rabia

He settled in Basra after his duty of cross. Hazrat Rabia spent the rest of her life with knowledge and worship. Marriage proposals were always coming to this blessed lady from sufis and emirs, but she did not accept it. His refusal is interpreted as his understanding of asceticism and his fear of marriage being a curtain in front of divine love.

He spent his time in constant worship. He even carried his shroud with him and prayed on the shroud. No one saw him go out without his shroud.

Although Rabia did not want those who wanted to visit her, she sometimes accepted those who wanted to benefit from her advice. Hasan-i Basri (ks) in a conversation “Just as men have lions, there are also lionesses” said. They asked, “Who is this lioness?” He also stated that the lioness is Rabia. Thereupon, those who wanted to benefit from his advice increased considerably.

His advice was so effective that there were some well-known people such as Hasan-ı Basri, Zünnun-u Mısri, İbrahimbin Ethem, Süfyan Sevri, Şakik-i Belhi, and Malikbin Dinar among those who received advice. We see from the books that they narrated these advices in various ways.

The following words about divine love draw attention;

“O my God! I love you with two loves. One is because of my love and desire, and the other is because you are worthy of being loved.

“Divine! If I worship you because I am afraid of hell, burn me in the fire of hell! If I am worshiping you with the desire of gaining paradise, then deprive me of paradise! If I am doing my worship out of love for you, then do not deprive me of your eternal beauty!”

Hazrat Rabia died in Basra in 796 or 801. In some narrations, it is written that his grave is in Jerusalem. oh my god..

What Are the Stories of Hazrat Rabia?

Thief and St. Rabia

Prophet Rabia was praying one night by spreading her prayer mat. After finishing his prayer, he prayed as follows: “O my God, now people have slept and everyone has gone to their loved ones, but I have come to you. Because you’re the one I love.” said. He fell asleep with dhikr.

After a while, a thief broke into his house. The thief looked left and right. “This house has few and old furniture, it means it was a poor person’s house” it was said.

Since I entered the house, he said, “I don’t leave without buying a few items.” Then he put a few items in the bag he brought with him. He took the bag on his back and just as he was about to leave, he saw that the door was missing! He had just entered through the door, and that door was strangely absent. It looked like there were walls everywhere.

Surprised, he immediately put what he had taken into their places and looked around, that the door was still in place. Relieved, she immediately filled her bag back and headed for the door, but again the door was missing! This situation was repeated, but the door was not in place. Finally he heard a voice: “O thief! The lover has slept, but the loved one is standing!”

A Lesson on the Prophet Rabia and Rizka

Hazrat Rabia

Malik bin Dinar (ra) narrates as follows. Once, I came to Hazrat Rabia. He had made his ablution and drank a few sips of the remaining water. The jug on which he had made ablution was broken and the mat on which he was sitting was also worn. I caught a glimpse of his pillow, and he had an old pillow.

I was very upset when I saw this situation and I said to him, “O Rabia! I have wealthy friends. If you wish, I can ask you something from them.” He turned to me and said, “O Malik! It is Allah who gives sustenance to me and to them. God forgets the poor because they are poor, and remembers the rich because they are rich. Is she helping him?” said. I said, “No, something like that happens?” I said.

A great answer, what kind of surrender “Allah knows best about my situation. Would it be okay for me to remind someone who sees me about my situation? Since he appreciated it that way, we want what he appreciated.”

Why Didn’t Hazrat Rabia Marry?

Hz. Rabia “Why do not you get married?” He said to those who said: “I have 3 problems. Assure me that I will get rid of these troubles, and then I will get married.

They asked what are these troubles: “First of all, what will my faith be at my last breath, will I be able to save it? Second, will my book of deeds be given from the right or the left? Third, which side will I be on when some people say, let’s go to Hell, and some say, let’s go to Heaven, when the reckoning is over in the apocalypse? said.

Those who ask that question; They said, “We cannot guarantee anything as an answer to these questions.” Then Rabia “How can I think of getting married when such horrors are before me and I have to prepare for them?” said.

Prophet Rabia and His Prayer

Prophet Rabia used to fast a lot. Once, he could not find food to break his fast, and his hunger intensified. At that moment the doorbell rang and someone left a plate of food on the door. After a while, Rabia opened the door, but when she arrived, she saw a cat spilling food. While he was trying to drink water, he dropped the glass and broke it. Hazrat Rabia said, “O Lord! You are testing this weak servant of yours, but I cannot be patient because of my weakness,” he said and sighed.

This is such an ah that the house almost burned down. Hadrat Rabia heard a voice behind her, “O Rabia, if you wish, I will pour the blessings of the world on you, and I will immediately remove all the troubles and troubles on you. But calamities and the world cannot coexist.” When Rabia heard this, she prayed, “O Lord, always make me with your being and keep me away from all kinds of things that will prevent me from doing this.”

The Zuhdu and Taqwa of Hazrat Rabia

This blessed lady did not demand anything from anyone. Once Hasan-i Basri Hz. had visited him. She saw that at the entrance of her house she saw a rich man crying. “Why are you crying?” said.

That crying person said, “Know that people would be devastated if it weren’t for this blessed lady who has asceticism and piety. This lady is her blessing for us. If many troubles and troubles do not happen to us, it is for his sake. I brought this purse to help him a little bit, but I’m crying because he didn’t accept it.”

Then he said to the Prophet, “If you give this bag to him, maybe he will accept it for your sake.” Hazrat Hasan-i Basri entered the house and told what happened to Hz. Rabia-tül Adeviyya told him that “How can I get the things of this world from someone else when I am ashamed to ask Allah, the owner of the property?

While Almighty Allah provides his sustenance to even those who disbelieve in this world, is it not given to those whose hearts burn with the love of Allah? Tell that person so that he will not be sad. We have made a covenant not to demand anything from anyone but Allah. We don’t want anything from anyone. Once I patched the shirt using the light of a government oil lamp, and my heart was shattered, I couldn’t gather my heart until I ripped those seams. “said.

Advice to Ladies

Some ladies They come to you for advice. One of those advices is this: Hide even your good deeds, just as you hide your bad deeds. Showing off their goodness is like sifting flour against the wind. If you take them away, your hand will be empty.

Hz. Rabia’s Thoughtful Answer

One day, Hasan Basri came to Rabia to talk about a very important issue and said to her:

He asked, “What is your opinion and opinion about the result that comes out if we compare a woman’s intellect and her selfish desires with a man’s intellect and sensual desires?”

His Holiness Hasan Basri replied: “If we compare a woman’s mental ability with her selfish desires, it is one-tenth. Men’s mental faculties are 9 tenths of them compared to their inner feelings.”

Hearing this, Hazrat Rabia gave a meaningful answer: “I am amazed that you men cannot cope with 1 dog with 9 ropes, while I can handle 9 dogs with one rope.”

His Holiness Hasan Basri could not hold back his tears at this answer and left the place crying, saying “this advice is enough for me”.

Hz. Rabia is such a blessed and devoted lady, may Allah be pleased with her. May Allah Almighty bestow many blessed ladies and gentlemen like her at this time. May he benefit us from his morals and advice. Amine. May God be with you. With Blessings and Prayers.

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